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'Race', Gender, Social Welfare: Encounters in a Postcolonial Society
Book synopsis: This book explores the relationship between 'race', gender and policy to develop an important and original argument about social welfare and racial formation in the late twentiethExpand
Unsafe Travel: Experiencing Intersectionality and Feminist Displacements
  • G. Lewis
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 3 May 2013
Taking as its starting point the success of the concept of intersectionality in generating feminist inquiry in Europe, this article explores the disavowal and displacement of race that haveExpand
Welfare and the social construction of 'race'
Book synopsis: This book opens the series with a consideration of the social construction of social difference. Taking the body as the point of departure, it deals with the processes through whichExpand
Celebrating Intersectionality? Debates on a Multi-faceted Concept in Gender Studies: Themes from a Conference
This short article explores some of the enduring preoccupations, possibilities and dilemmas that continue to engage feminists in varying locations in Europe. It raises questions of the ethics ofExpand
Introduction: Contemporary political contexts, changing terrains and revisited discourses
The introduction to this ERS Special Issue sets out the broad frame through which the six articles can be coherently viewed. It does so by suggesting that, more recently, different governments’Expand
Welcome to the margins: Diversity, tolerance, and policies of exclusion1
This article explores some of the ways in which UK Government policies inscribe tensions between tolerance of cultural difference, on the one hand, and an attempt to instil a regime of normalizingExpand
This article engages a discussion of Raymond Williams claim that culture is ordinary to explore some of the ways in which racializing culture is embedded in everyday interactions and processes ofExpand
Racialising emotional labour and emotionalising racialised labour: Anger, fear and shame in social welfare
This paper brings together the empirical work of Yasmin Gunaratnam with hospice social workers and that of Gail Lewis with local authority social workers. It uses a conceptually expanded notion ofExpand
questions of presence
abstractThis article considers some of the ways in which ‘the black woman’ as both representation and embodied, sentient being is rendered visible and invisible, and to link these to the multiple andExpand
Unsettling Welfare : The Reconstruction of Social Policy
Book synopsis: Rethinking Social Policy is a comprehensive introduction to, and analysis of, the complex mixture of problems and possibilities within the study of social policy. Contributors at theExpand