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A new algorithm for adaptive multidimensional integration
Abstract A new general purpose algorithm for multidimensional integration is described. It is an iterative and adaptive Monte Carlo scheme. The new algorithm is compared with several others currentlyExpand
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Exclusive Processes in Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
We present a systematic analysis in perturbative quantum chromodynamics (QCD) of large-momentum-transfer exclusive processes. Predictions are given for the scaling behavior, angular dependence,Expand
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Large-angle two-photon exclusive channels in quantum chromodynamics
Detailed leading-order quantum-chromodynamics (QCD) predictions are given for the scaling, angular, and helicity dependence of the reactions ..gamma gamma -->..MM-bar (M = ..pi.., K, rho, etc.) atExpand
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Exclusive processes in quantum chromodynamics: Evolution equations for hadronic wavefunctions and the form factors of mesons
Abstract The predictions of quantum chromodynamics for meson form factors at large momentum transfer are given. Evolution equations are derived which determine the structure of hadronic wavefunctionsExpand
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High-Precision Charm-Quark Mass from Current-Current Correlators in Lattice and Continuum QCD
We use lattice QCD simulations, with MILC configurations and HISQ $c$-quark propagators, to make very precise determinations of moments of charm-quark pseudoscalar, vector and axial-vectorExpand
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Redesigning lattice QCD
There has been major progress in recent years in the development of improved discretizations of the QCD action, current operators, etc for use in numerical simulations that employ very coarseExpand
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VEGAS - an adaptive multi-dimensional integration program
A method and apparatus for uniformly distributing fuel into the cylinders of an internal combustion engine by introducing fuel into a variable area, sonic flow, convergent-divergent nozzle type carburetor at a location below the throat in close proximity to the shock wave. Expand
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Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
From the perspective of the hadronic physics of a decade ago it seems incredible that there now exists a viable, fundamental theory of the strong interactions. In fact, quantum chromodynamics isExpand
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Lattice QCD for novices
This is the "preprint" for a paper that came out in 1998 but for some reason wasn't posted then. Abstract:These lectures are for novices to lattice QCD. They introduce a set of simple ideas andExpand
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