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Frequency-Domain Methods for Nonlinear Analysis: Theory and Applications
Classical absolute stability theory dichotomy and stability of equilibria sets cycles, homoclinic and heteroclinic trajectories strange attractors estimates of dimensions.
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Stability of Stationary Sets in Control Systems With Discontinuous Nonlinearities
Foundations of Theory of Differential Equations with Discontinuous Right-Hand Sides Auxiliary Algebraic Statements on Solutions of Matrix Inequalities of a Special Type Dichotomy and Stability ofExpand
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Frequency Methods in Oscillation Theory
Preface. 1. Classical Two-Dimensional Oscillating Systems and Their Multidimensional Analogues. 2. Frequency Criteria for Stability and Properties of Solutions of Special Matrix Inequalities. 3.Expand
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Localization of hidden Chuaʼs attractors
Abstract The classical attractors of Lorenz, Rossler, Chua, Chen, and other widely-known attractors are those excited from unstable equilibria. From computational point of view this allows one to useExpand
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Time-Varying Linearization and the Perron Effects
In the present survey, the contemporary state of the art of the problem of the justification of nonstationary linearizations is presented. Expand
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Hidden attractors in Dynamical Systems. From Hidden oscillations in Hilbert-Kolmogorov, Aizerman, and Kalman Problems to Hidden Chaotic Attractor in Chua Circuits
From a computational point of view, in nonlinear dynamical systems, attractors can be regarded as self-excited and hidden attractors. Expand
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Algorithms for finding hidden oscillations in nonlinear systems. The Aizerman and Kalman conjectures and Chua’s circuits
An algorithm for searching hidden oscillations in dynamic systems is developed to help solve the Aizerman’s, Kalman’s and Markus-Yamabe’s conjectures well-known in control theory. The first step ofExpand
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Non-local methods for pendulum-like feedback systems
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Hold-In, Pull-In, and Lock-In Ranges of PLL Circuits: Rigorous Mathematical Definitions and Limitations of Classical Theory
In this survey an attempt is made to discuss and fill some of the gaps identified between mathematical control theory, the theory of dynamical systems and the engineering practice of phase-locked loops. Expand
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Algorithm for localizing Chua attractors based on the harmonic linearization method
The method of harmonic linearization, numerical methods, and the applied bifurcation theory together discover new opportunities for analysis of hidden attractors of control systems. In the presentExpand
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