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Marfa Boretskaia, Posadnitsa of Novgorod: A Reconsideration of Her Legend and Her Life
Long before Moscow's annexation of Novgorod in 1478, relations between the two principalities had been troubled. Novgorod had repeatedly defied successive Moscow princes, disrupting trade, defaultingExpand
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Rus'-Tatar Princely Marriages in the Horde
While Kievan and Suzdalian annals attest that interethnic marriages between Rus' princes and women of the steppe and the Horde occurred regularly and were accepted by the Rus' church and society,Expand
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Three Protoexempla and Their Place in a Thirteenth-Century Pilgrim Book
Archbishop Antonii's Kniga Palomnik (circa 1201-4) is the earliest extant account of a Novgorodian pilgrimage to Constantinople. The work has long been valued by historians as a document of theExpand
The Commercial and Cultural Context of Afanasij Nikitin's Journey beyond Three Seas
Le voyage en Orient d'Athanase Nikitin a ete compris d'ordinaire comme le pelerinage d'un chretien orthodoxe aux pays paiens. C'est se meprendre sur un voyage purement commercial dont la celebriteExpand
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