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Efficient homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of esters to alcohols.
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Low-pressure hydrogenation of carbon dioxide catalyzed by an iron pincer complex exhibiting noble metal activity.
A highly active iron catalyst for the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide and bicarbonates works under remarkably low pressures and achieves activities similar to some of the best noble metal catalysts.Expand
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Catalytic transformation of alcohols to carboxylic acid salts and H2 using water as the oxygen atom source
The oxidation of alcohols to carboxylic acids is an important industrial reaction used in the synthesis of bulk and fine chemicals. Most current processes are performed by making use of eitherExpand
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Rubrenes: planar and twisted.
Surprisingly, despite its very high mobility in a single crystal, rubrene shows very low mobility in vacuum-sublimed or solution-processed organic thin-film transistors. We synthesized severalExpand
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Chirality-induced spin-selective properties of self-assembled monolayers of DNA on gold.
Here we show that self-assembled monolayers on gold of double-stranded DNA oligomers interact with polarized electrons similarly to a strong and oriented magnetic field. The direction of the fieldExpand
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Co-Crystallization of Sym-Triiodo-Trifluorobenzene with Bipyridyl Donors: Consistent Formation of Two Instead of Anticipated Three N···I Halogen Bonds
The potential triple-halogen-bond acceptor, sym-triiodo-trifluorobenzene IFB (1), has been co-crystallized with a series of bipyridyl derivatives (2−4) to gain insight to the factors controllingExpand
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4'-bromo-2',3',5',6'-tetrafluorostilbazole : Donor and acceptor site for halogen bonding and π-stacking in one rigid-rod-type molecule
The title compound, a new fluorinated stilbazole-based chromophore combines hydrocarbon (HC) donor and perfluorocarbon (PFC) acceptor sites in one rigid-rod-type conjugated molecule. The bifunctionalExpand
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Molecular induced field effect in superconducting Nb films
The study of the effect of self-assembled organic monolayers on the critical current in thin superconducting Nb films is presented. Correlation is found between the coverage of the adsorbed layer andExpand
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X-ray initiation of nonthermal growth of single crystal pyramids in amorphous barium titanate
Nonthermal crystallization of amorphous barium titanate (BTO) was initiated by a monochromatic x-ray microbeam from a synchrotron radiation source. Following x-ray exposure, micron-sized BTO singleExpand
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Photolysis of 4,4‘-Dithiodipyridine Produces cyclo-Octasulfur Molecules: A Basis for Au/S8 Microcrystalline Systems
The cyclo-octasulfur (S8) molecule is presented as the basis for conductive Au/S8 microcrystalline systems. Photolysis of 4,4‘-dithiodipyridine in pyridine/water solution was used for the productionExpand
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