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Helium in Jupiter's atmosphere: Results from the Galileo probe Helium Interferometer Experiment
On December 7, 1995, the NASA Galileo probe provided the first in situ measurements of the helium abundance in the atmosphere of Jupiter. Our Jamin interferometer measured precisely the refractiveExpand
Experiments revealing small impact of turbulence on the energy budget of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
We have measured a total of 17 in situ profiles of small-scale density fluctuations (typical resolution: meters) in the lower thermosphere and upper mesosphere, which are used to derive turbulentExpand
Estimates of vertical eddy diffusivity in the upper mesosphere in the presence of a mesospheric inversion layer
Abstract. Rayleigh and resonance lidar observations were made during the Turbopause experiment at Poker Flat Research Range, Chatanika Alaska (65° N, 147° W) over a 10 h period on the night of 17–18Expand
Structure of the Atmosphere of Jupiter: Galileo Probe Measurements
Temperatures and pressures measured by the Galileo probe during parachute descent into Jupiter's atmosphere essentially followed the dry adiabat between 0.41 and 24 bars, consistent with the absenceExpand
Equatorial Dynamics Observed by Rocket, Radar, and Satellite During the CADRE/MALTED Campaign. 1; Programmatics and small-scale fluctuations
In August 1994, the Mesospheric and Lower Thermospheric Equatorial Dynamics (MALTED) Program was conducted from the Alcântara rocket site in northeastern Brazil as part of the International GuaraExpand
Simultaneous observation of convective adjustment and turbulence generation in the mesosphere
We present simultaneous in situ measurements of turbulence and temperature in the midlatitude mesosphere obtained as part of the DYANA campaign on March 13, 1990 at Biscarrosse, France (44°N, 1°W).Expand
Geostrophic wind fields in the stratosphere and mesosphere from satellite data
[1] Daily maps of horizontally resolved zonal and meridional geostrophic wind fields in the altitude range of 20–90 km were obtained from the Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers and Telescopes for theExpand
First in‐situ observations of neutral and plasma density fluctuations within a PMSE layer
The NLC-91 rocket and radar campaign provided the first opportunity for high resolution neutral and plasma turbulence measurements with simultaneous observations of PMSE (Polar Mesospheric SummerExpand
High-resolution observations of mesospheric layers with the Jicamarca VHF radar
Abstract We report new results from the 50-MHz Jicamarca radar in Peru (12°S, 77°W), which is able to observe backscatter from the daytime mesosphere on any given day. Since 2005, the radar has beenExpand
First meteor radar observations of tidal oscillations over Jicamarca (11.95° S, 76.87° W)
Abstract. Tidal oscillations in the equatorial mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) region over Jicamarca (11.95° S, 76.87° W) are studied using the observations from the newly installed JicamarcaExpand