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European multicenter analytical evaluation of the Abbott ARCHITECT STAT high sensitive troponin I immunoassay
Abstract Background: International recommendations highlight the superior value of cardiac troponins (cTns) for early diagnosis of myocardial infarction along with analytical requirements of improvedExpand
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18F-FDG PET/CT in patients with amyloid light-chain amyloidosis: case-series and literature review
Objectives: To describe FDG-PET/CT in amyloid light-chain (AL) amyloidosis. Methods: We describe a French multicenter study which included patients with AL amyloidosis who had undergone a FDG-PET/CTExpand
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(A Critical Appraisal of) Classification of Hypereosinophilic Disorders
Hypereosinophilia (HE) is a heterogeneous condition that can be reported in various (namely inflammatory, allergic, infectious, or neoplastic) diseases with distinct pathophysiological pathways. InExpand
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NT-proBNP en pratique « De la biologie à la clinique »
Depuis l’introduction du dosage en routine des peptides natriuretiques, leurs applications cliniques se sont multipliees. Un nombre important de travaux ont defini les caracteristiques analytiques etExpand
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Conception de convertisseurs statiques pour l'utilisation de la pile à combustible
Les travaux presentes tout au long de ce memoire ont pour objectif la conception d'un convertisseur destine a produire, a partir d'une PAC de 2,5 kW, un reseau autonome 230V-50Hz. Ces recherches ontExpand
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Contribution to the Mechanism of Copper-Catalyzed C–N and C–O Bond Formation
Copper(I) species associated with 1,10-phenanthroline are generated from copper(0) precursors by chemical oxidation by the aryl halides (via electron transfer) or from copper(II) precursors byExpand
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Efficient disproportionation of formic acid to methanol using molecular ruthenium catalysts.
The disproportionation of formic acid to methanol was unveiled in 2013 using iridium catalysts. Although attractive, this transformation suffers from very low yields; methanol was produced in lessExpand
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Catalytic methylation of aromatic amines with formic acid as the unique carbon and hydrogen source.
A novel methodology is presented for the direct methylation of amines, using formic acid as a unique source of carbon and hydrogen. Based on ruthenium(II) catalysts, the formation of the N-CH3 groupExpand
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Iron-catalyzed reductive radical cyclization of organic halides in the presence of NaBH4: evidence of an active hydrido iron(I) catalyst.
Iron made'em: iron(II) complexes such as FeCl(2) and [FeCl(2)(dppe)(2) ] (dppe=1,2-bisdiphenylphosphinoethane) are efficient precatalysts for the radical cyclization of unsaturated iodides andExpand
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Oxidative Addition of Haloheteroarenes to Palladium(0): Concerted versus SN Ar-Type Mechanism.
The kinetics of the oxidative additions of haloheteroarenes HetX (X=I, Br, Cl) to [Pd(0) (PPh3 )2 ] (generated from [Pd(0) (PPh3 )4 ]) have been investigated in THF and DMF and the rate constantsExpand
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