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Nutrient Trapping by Sediment Deposition in a Seasonally Flooded Lakeside Wetland
Sediment and nutrient retention was studied in a seasonally flooded lakeside wetland as a natural mechanism for preventing water quality deterioration. Both wetland and upland soils in the watershedExpand
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Diesel exhaust particle induction of IL-17A contributes to severe asthma.
BACKGROUND IL-17A has been implicated in severe forms of asthma. However, the factors that promote IL-17A production during the pathogenesis of severe asthma remain undefined. Diesel exhaustExpand
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Understanding Asthma Phenotypes, Endotypes, and Mechanisms of Disease
The model of asthma as a single entity has now been replaced by a much more complex biological network of distinct and interrelating inflammatory pathways. The term asthma is now considered anExpand
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Diesel Exhaust Particles Induce Cysteine Oxidation and S-Glutathionylation in House Dust Mite Induced Murine Asthma
Background Diesel exhaust particle (DEP) exposure enhances allergic inflammation and has been linked to the incidence of asthma. Oxidative stress on the thiol molecules cysteine (Cys) and glutathioneExpand
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A comparison of anion-exchange and steric-exclusion HPLC assays of mouse plasma lipoproteins Published, JLR Papers in Press, March 16, 2005. DOI 10.1194/jlr.D500002-JLR200
We compared two HPLC methods (anion exchange [AE] and steric exclusion [SE]) for analysis of mouse lipoprotein profiles by determining coefficients of variability (CVs) under varying conditions. CVsExpand
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Correction of Shunt from Right Conal Coronary Artery to Pulmonary Trunk with Relief of Symptoms
A case of a small right coronary conal branch to pulmonary trunk shunt with surgical correction is reported. The patient, a 45-year-old housewife, had chest pain, labile hypertension, andExpand
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The Gender Disparity in Adult Asthma Hospitalizations Dynamically Relates to Age
  • R. Lin, G. Lee
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  • The Journal of asthma : official journal of the…
  • 1 January 2008
Although it is known that women have a higher prevalence of asthma than men, it is not known whether and/or how gender differences in asthma severity are affected by age. Asthma hospitalization ratesExpand
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Training Pediatricians to Adhere to Asthma Guidelines
Despite the proven efficacy of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute asthma guidelines, adherence to these recommendations is suboptimal among primary care physicians. Knowledge, skills, andExpand
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Management of Dysrhythmias Associated With Acute Myocardial Infarction: Second of Two Parts
Deciding how to treat a disturbance of cardiac rhythm can be especially difficult if the patient is already in the coronary care unit, having had an acute myocardial infarction. While there is stillExpand
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