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Local acceptance and heterogeneous externalities of biorefineries
Biofuels can potentially reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and help address the climate change problem. However, the siting and operation of a biofuel production facility canExpand
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The Relationship between Priority and Value of Irrigation Water Used with Prior Appropriation Water Rights
This article examines the relationship between water right priority and value of use for rights defined by prior appropriation, and tests whether this relationship is different for rights that haveExpand
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Temperature Effects are more Complex than Degrees: A Case Study on Residential Energy Consumption
An emerging body of research about climate change impacts is exploring temperature effects on human activities. However, most studies use simple identification strategies that only explore one or twoExpand
Does the Public Care About How Climate Change Might Affect Agriculture
Feeding the planet under climate change and the uncertainty about future impacts on agricultural production is a compelling policy issue. Interpreting public opinion is critical for effective policyExpand
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Local Acceptance and Heterogeneous Externality of Biorefineries : A Case Study from the State of Michigan
While the use of biofuels can mitigate climate change, the siting and operation of a biorefinery can have both positive and negative externalities for the host community. Given these externalities,Expand
The path to EV uptake – the Fourth Wave
The replacement of conventionally fueled passenger cars by electric vehicles (EVs) has long been expected across the world as developed nations move away from fossil fuels and towards energy use thatExpand
Modelling Local Food Policy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Due to Transportation
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)1.IntroductionLocal food advocates assert many attributes of local food that span sociological, health, safety, quality, economic and environmentalExpand
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The Influence of an Extreme Warm Spell on Public Support for Government Involvement in Climate Change Adaptation
An emerging literature discusses the effects of short-term temperature fluctuations on public opinion toward climate change. Yet, prior literature has not explored potential opinion-influencingExpand
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