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Extra-pulmonary effects of inhaled nitric oxide in swine with and without phenylephrine.
We have compared the effects of inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) and i.v. nitroglycerin (ivGTN) on the haemodynamic response to phenylephrine-induced hypertension (PEHT) in anaesthetized pigs. PEHT did notExpand
1 (t‐Butyl‐amino‐3‐ol‐2‐propyl) oximino‐9 fluorene is a new β2‐adrenoceptor blocking agent with a pA2 of 9.23 ± 0.25 on isolated trachea.
Effects of topically applied falintolol: a new beta-adrenergic antagonist for treatment of glaucoma.
Changes in intraocular pressure (IOP) following topical administration of falintolol (0.5%-0.25%), a new beta-blocking agent, were studied in conscious albino rabbits with alpha-chymotrypsin-inducedExpand
Prognostic importance of quantitative analysis of coronary cineangiograms.
Many studies have shown the prognostic value of angiographic data, but few have examined quantitative parameters of wall motion and shape or coronary stenosis severity. To determine whether theseExpand
In vitro potential measurement, anaesthetic and antimicrobial effects as indicators of beta-blocker toxicity of the cornea.
Three tests were utilized to determine and compare the toxicity of timolol, propranolol and two new aliphatic and alicyclic oxime ethers with beta-blocking activity (falintolol and compound POS 7).Expand
A potent new beta2-adrenoceptor blocking agent.
1 (t-Butyl-amino-3-ol-2-propyl) oximino-9 fluorene is a new beta2-adrenoceptor blocking agent with a pA2 of 9.23+/-0.25 on isolated trachea. 2 It provokes hypertension in normotensive rats and doesExpand
Beta-adrenoceptor binding potencies of new aliphatic and alicyclic oxime ethers and their relevance to intraocular pressure control.
The selectivity and binding potency of a series of alkyliminoxypropanolamines characterized by the lack of an aromatic nucleus are studied using a new non-selective radioligand,Expand
Synthesis and ocular antihypertensive activity of new imidazolidine derivatives containing a beta-blocking side chain.
The syntheses of new phenylimidazolidine derivatives (3-6)1 containing a propanolamine oxime or an oxypropanolamine moiety attached either to the aromatic or to the imidazolidine ring are described.Expand
Determination of falintolol, a new aliphatic beta-adrenergic antagonist, in whole blood by gas chromatography with electron-capture detection: geometric isomers resolution.
Falintolol oxalate, a new beta-adrenergic antagonist, is characterized by the presence of an oxime function and exists in a racemic form as a mixture of syn- and anti- isomers in a ratio of aboutExpand