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The Messinian Salinity Crisis: Past and future of a great challenge for marine sciences
Forty years after the image of the Mediterranean transformed into a giant salty lake was first conceived, the fascinating history of the Messinian Salinity Crisis (MSC) still arouses great interestExpand
Magnetostratigraphy and astronomical calibration of the last 1.1 Myr from an eastern Mediterranean piston core and dating of short events in the Brunhes
SUMMARY A 37 m long piston core (KC-O1B) was collected from the Calabrian Ridge in the Ionian Sea. Astronomical calibration of sapropels and sapropelic signals-based on rock-magnetic and geochemicalExpand
Redistribution and geochemical behaviour of redox-sensitive elements around S1, the most recent eastern Mediterranean sapropel
The youngest eastern Mediterranean sapropel (S1) is generally believed to have formed 7–9 14C ky B.P. The distribution of redox-sensitive elements above, in and below the sharply defined,Expand
Synchronous basin-wide formation and redox-controlled preservation of a Mediterranean sapropel
Organic-rich sedimentary units called sapropels have formed repeatedly in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in response to variations of solar radiation. Sapropel formation is due to a change either inExpand
Stratified prokaryote network in the oxic–anoxic transition of a deep-sea halocline
A 2.5-m-thick chemocline with a steep NaCl gradient at 3.3 km within the water column betweeen Bannock anoxic hypersaline brine and overlying sea water is reported, supporting some of the most biomass-rich and active microbial communities in the deep sea. Expand
Bromine counts from XRF scanning as an estimate of the marine organic carbon content of sediment cores
[1] XRF sediment core scanning technology is increasingly used to quantify sediment composition. The overall good correlation between biophilic halogen bromine (Br) and sedimentary total organicExpand
Sulphur speciation in anoxic hypersaline sediments from the eastern Mediterranean Sea
Abstract The anoxic hypersaline Tyro and Bannock Basins are among the most sulphidic bodies of water in the marine environment (H2S > 2 mM). We report the distribution of elemental sulphur, AcidExpand
Geochemical and paleomagnetic evidence for the occurrence of “missing” sapropels in eastern Mediterranean sediments
The cyclic occurrence of sapropels appears to be associated with maxima in the 65°N summer insolation target curve. Studies of the most recent sapropel have revealed extensive oxidation of organicExpand
Biogenic barium and the detrital Ba/Al ratio: a comparison of their direct and indirect determination
Biogenic barium concentrations obtained from direct determination by a three-step sequential extraction procedure are compared to those obtained from the widely used indirect normative calculationExpand
Diversity and Spatial Distribution of Prokaryotic Communities Along A Sediment Vertical Profile of A Deep-Sea Mud Volcano
The majority of these phylotypes retrieved are closely related to phylotypes originating from other mud volcanoes, implying a degree of endemicity in these systems. Expand