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A supermassive boson star at the galactic center
We explore whether supermassive non-baryonic stars (in particular boson, mini-boson and non-topological soliton stars) might be at the center of some galaxies, with special attention to the Milky
Generalized Uncertainty Principle from Quantum Geometry
The generalized uncertainty principle of string theory is derived in the framework of Quantum Geometry by taking into account the existence of an upper limit on the acceleration of massive particles.
Quantum field theory in curved graphene spacetimes, Lobachevsky geometry, Weyl symmetry, Hawking effect, and all that
The solutions of many issues, of the ongoing eorts to make deformed graphene a tabletop quantum eld theory in curved spacetimes, are presented. A detailed explanation of the special features of
Geometric classification of the torsion tensor of space-time
Torsion appears in literature in quite different forms. Generally, spin is considered to be the source of torsion, but there are several other possibilities in which torsion emerges in different
Neutrino optics and oscillations in gravitational fields
We study the propagation of neutrinos in gravitational fields using wave functions that are exact to first order in the metric deviation. For illustrative purposes, the geometrical background is
Neutrino oscillations in non-inertial frames and the violation of the equivalence principle Neutrino mixing induced by the equivalence principle violation
Abstract. Neutrino oscillations are analyzed in an accelerating and rotating reference frame, assuming that the gravitational coupling of neutrinos is flavor dependent, which implies a violation of
Generalized Uncertainty Principle from QuantumGeometry
The generalized uncertainty principle of string theory is derived in the frameworkof quantum geometry by taking into account the existence of an upper limit onthe acceleration of massive particles.
Classical properties of non-local, ghost- and singularity-free gravity
In this paper we will show all the linearized curvature tensors in the infinite derivative ghost and singularity free theory of gravity in the static limit. We have found that in the region of
Ghost-free infinite derivative quantum field theory
Abstract In this paper we will study Lorentz-invariant, infinite derivative quantum field theories, where infinite derivatives give rise to non-local interactions at the energy scale M s , beyond the
Calculation of the Casimir energy at zero and finite temperature: Some recent results
This survey summarizes briefly results obtained recently in the Casimir energy studies devoted to the following subjects: i) account of the material characteristics of the media in calculations of