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Shakespeare's Wordplay
'Professor Mahood's book has established itself as a classic in the field, not so much because of the ingenuity with which she reads Shakespeare's quibbles, but because her elucidation of pun andExpand
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Isocrates' Precepts and Polonius' Character
N her interesting article on "Characterization in Polonius' Advice to Laertes" (Shakespeare Quarterly, IV, 3-9) Josephine Waters Bennett notes the resemblance between Polonius' "few precepts" andExpand
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The English Drama 1485-1585
The earlier Tudor morality and interlude the late Tudor morality play Tudor masques, pageants and entertainments sacred drama comedy 1540-1584 tragedy 1540-1584 the theatre before 1585.
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Six Notes on Measure for Measure
HE mixture of metaphor here, between the bit of the horse and the weed in the garden, has prompted many editors to change weed to steed; those who have defended the text have usually done so in termsExpand
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Using a combination of gas chromatography and spectrometry, 20 major components from an extract of distillate from jack fruit were identified. Of these, 16 were esters and four aliphatic alcohols.Expand
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