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Isolation of the toxin responsible for gousiekte, a plant-induced cardiomyopathy of ruminants in southern Africa.
Gousiekte was induced in sheep and goats by the oral and intravenous (i/v) administration of methanolic and ethanolic precipitates of aqueous extracts of Pavetta harborii by means of dialysis and ion-exchange chromatography. Expand
Photosensitivity in South Africa. VI. The experimental induction of geeldikkop in sheep with crude steroidal saponins from Tribulus terrestris.
The findings of these trials are consistent with reports from abroad that ovine hepatogenous photosensitization, caused by Agave lechuguilla and Narthecium ossifragum, can be induced with crude saponins from the respective plants. Expand
Photosensitivity in South Africa. VIII. Ovine metabolism of Tribulus terrestris saponins during experimentally induced geeldikkop.
GC-MS analysis of the sheep's ruminal contents, bile, faeces and urine for free and conjugated sapogenins revealed the general features of the metabolic pathway by which diosgenin and yamogenin glycosides were converted into the glucuronides of epismilagenin and episarsasapogenin, the major constituents of the biliary crystals that usually form during geeldikkop. Expand
Toxic constituents of the asclepiadaceae. Structure elucidation of sarcovimiside A-C, pregnane glycosides of Sarcostemma viminale
The structure elucidation of three related pregnane glycosides, sarcovimiside A, B, and C from Sarcostemma viminale, is based on a detailed study of their highfield 1H and 13C NMR spectra. TheExpand
Experimental Albizia versicolor poisoning in sheep and its successful treatment with pyridoxine hydrochloride.
Five sheep developed severe nervous signs after being drenched with Albizia versicolor pod-material. Four of these sheep were treated with pyridoxine hydrochloride (a vitamin B6) when the symptoms ofExpand
The excreted β-cyclopiazonate oxidocyclase isoenzymes from Penicillium cyclopium—I. Purification and some physical and chemical properties
Abstract 1. 1. Three isoenzymes of β-cyclopiazonate oxidocyclase were isolated and purified from the growth medium of Penicillium cyclopium Westling. 2. 2. The results of analyticalExpand
The excreted beta-cyclopiazonate oxidocyclase isoenzymes from Penicillium cyclopium-II. Peptide mapping studies.
Abstract Peptide mapping studies performed after proteolytic digestion by trypsin and chymotrypsin employing high voltage paper electrophoresis and paper chromatography revealed differences in theExpand
Photosensitivity in South Africa. VII. Chemical composition of biliary crystals from a sheep with experimentally induced geeldikkop.
A metabolic pathway for the conversion of diosgenin and yamogenin saponins to the biliary glucuronides is proposed. Expand
Krimpsiekte, associated with thalamic lesions, induced by the neurotoxic cardiac glycoside, cotyledoside, isolated from Tylecodon wallichii (Harv.) Toelken subsp. wallichii.
The previously held contention that these neurotoxic cardiac glycosides are indeed the cause of krimpsiekte is confirmed and is confirmed. Expand