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Electronic structure and transport in graphene: quasi-relativistic Dirac--Hartry--Fock self-consistent field approximation
Application of secondary quantized self-consistent Dirac -- Hartree -- Fock approach to consider electronic properties of monolayer graphene with accounting of spin-polarized states allows toExpand
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[Cardiac syndrome in opisthorchiasis].
  • G. Krylov
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  • Meditsinskaia parazitologiia i parazitarnye…
  • 2004
According to the intensity and duration of invasion, superinvasion opisthorchiasis in laboratory animals and human beings involves all cardiac layers; the myocardium is mostly damaged. In its earlyExpand
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[N-nitrosodiethylamine-induced changes in the liver of syrian hamster with superinvasive opistorchiasis].
Trematoda O. felinius-induced hepatic lesions were investigated in Syrian golden hamsters with superinvasive opistorchiasis. One hundred hamsters were divided into 4 groups: (1)--control; (2)Expand
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Graphene: Beyond the Massless Dirac’s Fermion Approach
Though it is commonly accepted that the majority of graphene physics phenomena is properly described by massless pseudo-Dirac fermion approach, few unsolved problems (minimal graphene conductivityExpand
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Dynamics operations and chaos control for an anisotropic A-class laser with a saturable absorber
Abstract Codimension-two bifurcation problems have been considered to account for spontaneous polarization symmetry breaking and polarization symmetry restoration in an anisotropic dye laser with aExpand
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Schr\"{o}dinger particle in magnetic and electric fields in Lobachevsky and Riemann spaces
Schr\"{o}dinger equation in Lobachevsky and Riemann 4-spaces has been solved in the presence of external magnetic field that is an analog of a uniform magnetic field in the flat space. GeneralizedExpand
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Wave functions of a particle with polarizability in the Coulomb potential
Quantum mechanical scalar particle with polarizability is considered in the presence of the Coulomb field. Separation of variables is performed with the use of Wigner D-functions, the radial systemExpand
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Maxwell equations in complex form of Majorana–Oppenheimer, solutions with cylindric symmetry in Riemann S3 and Lobachevsky H3 spaces
Complex formalism of Riemann–Silberstein–Majorana–Oppenheimer in Maxwell electrodynamics is extended to the case of arbitrary pseudo-Riemannian space-time in accordance with the tetrad recipe ofExpand
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Geometrothermodynamics of interface domain structures in phase transitions on 5-dimensional contact statistical manifold with pseudo-Finsler metric
Geometrothermodynamics of interface domains emerging in first-order phase transitions modeled on a 5-dimensional statistical contact manifold is proposed in entropy representation. The supportingExpand