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Effect of Repeated Impulses on Transformer Insulation
Power transformer plays a vital role in electrical power system. Many of the transformer failures reported are due to insulation failure in windings. The sources of failures are mainly due to impulseExpand
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The Two Forms of Lysine Decarboxylase; Kinetics and Effect of Expression in Relation to Acid Tolerance Response in E. coli
Lysine decarboxylase has gained importance recently due to its involvement in acid tolerance response in some pathogenic bacteria. Two forms of the enzyme exist. One, CadA, is part of an operon andExpand
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Volt-time characteristics of OIP under non-standard impulses
  • G. Krithika, S. Usa
  • Engineering
  • IEEE 1st International Conference on Condition…
  • 1 December 2013
The insulation of the power system equipment is stressed by internal and external overvoltages. For a reliable design of power system the proper insulation coordination among the power systemExpand
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v-t Characteristics using extended disruptive effect model for impulses of varying front times
  • G. Krithika, S. Usa
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical…
  • 11 August 2015
Overvoltages due to internal and external sources stress the insulation of the power system equipment. Usually the insulation design of any power equipment is tested with standard lightning impulseExpand
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In silico analysis of the two forms of lysine decarboxylase
Amino acid decarboxylases are expressed in response to acidic pH in bacteria. Among amino acid decarboxylases, lysine decarboxylase is expressed to levels constituting 2% of the total cell proteinExpand
Antibacterial efficacy of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles on Vibrio anguillarum
Vibriosis is the most prevalent bacterial disease which causes high mortality among aquatic animals. Vibrio anguillarum is one of the main causative agents of Vibriosis. In the present study toExpand
Mass Production of Microalgae Using Waste Water as Supplement and Extraction of Bio Oil by Transesterification
Developments in the Biofuel production has created more awareness in Research due to the rapid increase in oil price and growing environmental issues. Microalgae have gathered attention towards themExpand
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