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Requirements Engineering: Processes and Techniques
Tried and tested techniques such as data-flow and object-oriented models are covered as well as some promising new ones and are all based on real systems descriptions to demonstrate the applicability of the approach.
Requirements engineering with viewpoints
The paper describes the problems in trying to establish an adequate and stable set of requirements and proposes a viewpoint-oriented requirements definition (VORD) method as a means of tackling some of these problems.
Combining Service-Orientation with Product Line Engineering
Software product line engineering (SPLE) is a paradigm of software reuse for developing a family of products with reduced time to market and improved quality. Most SPLE approaches, however, have
Software Requirements Engineering
Viewpoints for requirements definition
This paper sets out a case for a multiple viewpoint-oriented approach in requirements definition and examines the viewpoint approach adopted by three requirements methodologies, and proposes an alternative object-oriented viewpoint-based approach.
Developing IoT applications: challenges and frameworks
This study presents a comprehensive review and a comparative analysis of existing IoT application development frameworks and toolkits, illustrating their strengths and weaknesses and will assist in finding the most appropriate IoT application application development paradigm for the desired IoT application.
Towards a classification model for component-based software engineering research
A proposed classification model for CBSE research will form the basis for structuring the CBSEnet knowledge base, a European Union initiative to create an Internet-based forum for the exchange of information between researchers and adopters of CBSE.
Engineering Service-Based Dynamic Software Product Lines
A service-oriented approach that combines feature-oriented analysis with a self- managing quality-of-service framework addresses the challenges associated with dynamic software product lines.
Practical Experience with Viewpoint-Oriented Requirements Specification
  • G. Kotonya
  • Computer Science, Business
    Requirements Engineering
  • 1 September 1999
A detailed case study is presented based on an electronic document delivery and interchange system (EDDIS), and illustrates how a viewpoint-based requirements method can be used to structure and specify system requirements.