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Head space analysis.
Additional analytical information is given about the method of head space analysis. From the data presented it can be concluded that this technique may be advantageous for enzyme kinetic studies inExpand
Changes in nephrogenous cyclic AMP excretion and plasma cyclic AMP following treatment of hyperthyroidism.
Plasma cyclic AMP (PcAMP) concentration and the excretion of cyclic AMP/dl GF were estimated in 11 thyrotoxic patients before and after medical treatment. PcAMP concentrations were significantlyExpand
Mammalian acetoacetate decarboxylase activity. Its distribution in subfractions of human albumin and occurrence in various tissues of the rat.
In this article further information is presented about the characteristics of the mammalian enzyme acetoacetate decarboxylase (acetoacetate carboxylase, EC The Michaelis-Menten plot shows aExpand
Abstract. Two brothers with renal tubular acidosis and nerve deafness are described. Studies of the physiopathological characteristics of the renal acidification defect show that the defect isExpand
Evidence for the existence of mammalian acetoacetate decarboxylase: with special reference to human blood serum.
In this article evidence is presented for the existence of mammalian acetoacetate decarboxylase (acetoacetate carboxy-lyase: E.G. From experiments with human blood serum the presence of aExpand
Propranolol (20 mg 4 times a day) was given to patients with liver cirrhosis or fatty infiltration of the liver. In six patients with cirrhosis and a stable arterial plasma ammonia concentrationExpand
Decreased renal clearance of digoxin in chronic congestive heart failure
SummaryRenal digoxin clearance was compared in patients suffering from atrial fibrillation with well preserved cardiac function (n=9; salt intake ±170 mmol daily) and patients with chronic congestiveExpand
Dissociation between changes in immunoreactive parathormone and its biological indices induced by cimetidine in primary hyperparathyroidism.
In three out of four patients with primary hyperparathyroidism, 2 000 mg of cimetidine daily caused a reduction of immunoreactive parathormone (iPTH) when measured at 8.30 and 11.30 on days 16 and 17Expand
Enhanced calcitonin release in chronic renal failure depending on the absence of severe secondary hyperparathyroidism.
In 27 patients with end-stage chronic renal failure an elevated calcitonin (CT) and parathyroid hormone was found. On stimulation with Ca i.v. there were 9 cases in whom delta CT proved to be higherExpand
A gas-chromatographic method for the determination of the total CO 2 content in biological fluids, by means of the head space sampling technique, based on the methane conversion principle.
Abstract A simple and sensitive gas-chromatographic method is presented for the determination of the total carbon dioxide content in biological fluids, which needs a sample volume of 50 μl. CarbonExpand