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A novel reporter mouse strain that expresses enhanced green fluorescent protein upon Cre‐mediated recombination
The success of Cre‐mediated conditional gene targeting depends on the specificity of Cre recombinase expression in Cre‐transgenic mouse lines. As a tool to evaluate the specificity of Cre expression,Expand
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The essential functions of adipo-osteogenic progenitors as the hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell niche.
Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and their lympho-hematopoietic progeny are supported by microenvironmental niches within bone marrow; however, the identity, nature, and function of these nichesExpand
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The mouse RecA-like gene Dmc1 is required for homologous chromosome synapsis during meiosis.
The mouse Dmc1 gene is an E. coli RecA homolog that is specifically expressed in meiosis. The DMC1 protein was detected in leptotene-to-zygotene spermatocytes, when homolog pairing likely initiates.Expand
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The TDRD9-MIWI2 complex is essential for piRNA-mediated retrotransposon silencing in the mouse male germline.
Host-defense mechanisms against transposable elements are critical to protect the genome information. Here we show that tudor-domain containing 9 (Tdrd9) is essential for silencing Line-1Expand
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Expression of TEX101, regulated by ACE, is essential for the production of fertile mouse spermatozoa
Formation of spermatozoa of normal shape, number, and motility is insufficient for the male siring of pups. The spermatozoa must be accompanied by sound fertilizing ability. We found that males withExpand
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Requirement of DNase II for definitive erythropoiesis in the mouse fetal liver.
Mature erythrocytes in mammals have no nuclei, although they differentiate from nucleated precursor cells. The mechanism by which enucleation occurs is not well understood. Here we show thatExpand
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Tudor domain containing 7 (Tdrd7) is essential for dynamic ribonucleoprotein (RNP) remodeling of chromatoid bodies during spermatogenesis
In the male germline in mammals, chromatoid bodies, a specialized assembly of cytoplasmic ribonucleoprotein (RNP), are structurally evident during meiosis and haploidgenesis, but their developmentalExpand
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Defective stratum corneum and early neonatal death in mice lacking the gene for transglutaminase 1 (keratinocyte transglutaminase).
The stratum corneum of the skin serves as an effective barrier for maintenance of the internal milieu against the external environment. At the cell periphery of the stratum corneum is the cellExpand
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In vivo imaging and differential localization of lipid‐modified GFP‐variant fusions in embryonic stem cells and mice
The visualization of live cell behaviors operating in situ combined with the power of mouse genetics represents a major step toward understanding the mechanisms regulating embryonic development,Expand
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Angiotensin-converting enzyme is a GPI-anchored protein releasing factor crucial for fertilization
The angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) is a key regulator of blood pressure. It is known to cleave small peptides, such as angiotensin I and bradykinin and changes their biological activities,Expand
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