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Pathogenesis of Six Pigeon-Origin Isolates of Newcastle Disease Virus for Domestic Chickens
The pathogenesis of six pigeon-origin isolates of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) was investigated in chickens. Four isolates were previously defined as the variant pigeon paramyxovirus 1 (PPMV-1), andExpand
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Dioctofimose em cães: 16 casos
From 1978 to 1996, out of a total of 3,259 dogs necropsied, sixteen (0.49%) were parasitized by Dioctophyma renale. Twelve of those (75%) were stray dogs. Thirteen dogs (81.2%) presented one or moreExpand
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Estudo retrospectivo de 1.647 tumores mamários em cães
Mammary gland tumors are common in dogs and are the most common type of neoplasm of female dogs. The main purposes of this study were to establish the prevalence of the mammary gland tumors, as wellExpand
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Virulence of pigeon-origin Newcastle disease virus isolates for domestic chickens.
The virulence of six pigeon-origin isolates of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) was evaluated before and after passage in white leghorn chickens. Four isolates were defined as pigeon paramyxovirus-1Expand
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Intoxicações por plantas e micotoxinas associadas a plantas em bovinos no Rio Grande do Sul: 461 casos
From 1990 to 2005, tissues from 2,912 cattle necropsies were examined at the Laboratory of Veterinary Pathology (LPV) of the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), Brazil. These tissues came fromExpand
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Pathogenesis of Chicken-Passaged Newcastle Disease Viruses Isolated from Chickens and Wild and Exotic Birds
Abstract The pathogenesis of six Newcastle disease virus (NDV) isolates recovered from chickens (Ckn-LBM and Ckn-Australia) and wild (Anhinga) and exotic (YN parrot, pheasant, and dove) birds wasExpand
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Pitiose eqüina no Pantanal brasileiro: aspectos clínico-patológicos de casos típicos e atípicos
Equine pythiosis is an endemic disease of horses and causes significant economic losses to equine breeding in the Brazilian Pantanal. This article describes 16 cases of subcutaneous pythiosis inExpand
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Doenças de bovinos no Sul do Brasil: 6.706 casos
The diseases affecting cattle in southern Brazil were studied through a review of the necropsy reports filed at the Laboratorio de Patologia Veterinaria of the Universidade Federal de Santa MariaExpand
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Forma nervosa de listeriose em caprinos
A neurologic disease was observed in three young adult goats (indentified as A-C) from a herd of 100 goats during October-December, 2004. Clinical signs included head tilt, torticollis, nystagmus,Expand
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Aspectos clinicopatológicos de 620 casos neurológicos de cinomose em cães: Clinicopathological features in 620 neurological cases of canine distemper
The files of 5,361 necropsies performed in dogs in the Veterinary Pathology Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Maria during 1965-2006 were reviewed in search of cases of canine distemper.Expand
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