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Biology of Pseudopotamilla reniformis (Müller 1771) in the White Sea, with description of asexual reproduction
The tube-dwelling polychaete Pseudopotamilla reniformis (Sabellidae) forms dense and complex aggregations of flexible tubes on hard substrates in the subtidal zone of the White Sea. No sexualExpand
A new species of Cyanea jellyfish sympatric to C. capillata in the White Sea
Cyanea is a genus of large bloom-forming scyphozoans, including some of the most conspicuous representatives of megaplankton. Its taxonomy has been revised repeatedly throughout the last century dueExpand
Chaetal loss and replacement in Pseudopotamilla reniformis (Sabellida, Annelida)
Chaetae are continually being replaced during the life of a polychaete, but the process of chaetal degeneration during replacement is still poorly known. Chaetal loss occurs either one at a timeExpand
Microplastics distribution in the Eurasian Arctic is affected by Atlantic waters and Siberian rivers
Plastic pollution is globally recognised as a threat to marine ecosystems, habitats, and wildlife, and it has now reached remote locations such as the Arctic Ocean. Nevertheless, the distribution ofExpand
Developmental studies of the enigmatic worm Caobangia billeti Giard, 1893 (Annelida; Sabellidae), a symbiont of freshwater snails
Caobangiids are an aberrant group of annelids with an unusual phoronid-like body plan. The most perceptible anatomical characteristic of caobangiids is the anal trunk, which is recurved outside theExpand
ZMMU MSU, White Sea Branch
White Sea Branch of Zoological Museum of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University is based on the N.A. Pertsov White Sea Biological Station of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (PrimorskiyExpand
Myzostoma khanhkhoaensis (Myzostomida), a new myzostomid species from the Nhatrang Bay, Vietnam.
A new myzostome species, described here as Myzostoma khanhkhoaensis sp. nov., was collected in Nhatrang Bay, central Vietnam, during investigation of symbionts associated with crinoids. MyzostomaExpand
Bathy- and mesopelagic annelida from the Arctic Ocean: Description of new, redescription of known and notes on some “cosmopolitan” species
Abstract Pelagic polychaetes collected in the deep Arctic Ocean between 2011 and 2016 during three expeditions of R/V Polarstern were investigated using morphological taxonomic and molecular methodsExpand