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Monovalent Ion Dependence of Neomycin B Binding to an RNA Aptamer Characterized by Spectroscopic Methods
The two weaker binding sites were characterized as unspecific binding to the aptamer, while the high‐affinity binding event was shown to be highly specific even at high ionic concentration.
Fluorescence Spectroscopy: An Emerging Excellent Diagnostic Tool in Medical Sciences
There is still a great need for clinical trials and studies on a large scale to establish the validity of this new diagnostic technique, and there is a need to highlight this issue among the scientific community.
Photophysics and photochemistry of methylated phenols in .beta.-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes
Absorption and induced circular dichroism (ICD) spectra as well as photophysical (fluorescence quantum yield, fluorescence lifetime, and triplet-triplet absorption) and photochemical (hydrated
Using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) for IFN-g detection: a preliminary study.
A preliminary study of detecting IFN-g using FCS-based technique is presented, which shows an improved diagnostic value for M. tuberculosis infection.
Liposomal vasoactive intestinal peptide for lung application: protection from proteolytic degradation.
It was found that free VIP was rapidly digested, whereas liposomal-associated VIP remained intact, and the protective properties of the liposomes were also expressed in the maintained biological activity of the peptide incubated with BALF.
Tumor targeting and imaging with dual-peptide conjugated multifunctional liposomal nanoparticles
The present study shows the potential of liposomes as multifunctional targeted vehicles for imaging of tumors combining radioactive, fluorescent, and magnetic resonance signaling.
Synthesis, spectral and quantum chemical studies on NO-chelating sulfamonomethoxine-cyclophosph(V)azane and its Er(III) complex.
The structures of the novel isolated products are proposed based on elemental analyses, IR, UV-VIS, (1)H N MR, (31)P NMR, SEM, XRD spectra, effective magnetic susceptibility measurements and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA).
Photophysical properties of methylated phenols in nonpolar solvents
The photophysical properties of phenol and a series of mono-, di-, and trimethyl-substituted phenols excited in their first singlet state in hydrocarbon solvents have been investigated by measuring