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Performance improvement of nanocatalysts by promoter-induced defects in the support material: methanol synthesis over Cu/ZnO:Al.
Addition of small amounts of promoters to solid catalysts can cause pronounced improvement in the catalytic properties. For the complex catalysts employed in industrial processes, the fate and modeExpand
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The Layered Coordination Polymer Bi(SCN)3·1/2H2O
Yellow crystals of Bi(SCN) 3 *½H 2 O are obtained by reacting (BiO) 2 CO 3 and HSCN in aqueous solution. X-ray diffraction on a single-crystal revealed a triclinic lattice (space group P -1) with a =Expand
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Correlation between Copper Oxide Particle Size and Selectivity towards Propylene Oxide in Selective Oxidation of Propene
Copper oxide catalysts supported on nanostructured silica SBA‐15 were synthesized with varying copper loadings in a range from 1.1 to 19.4 wt.%. Catalysts were structurally characterized by N2Expand
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Tuning Size and Reducibility of Copper Oxide Particles Supported on SBA‐15
Copper citrate was deposited on SBA-15 at various loadings ranging from 10.9 to 27.1 wt.%. Thermal decomposition resulted in copper oxide particles supported on SBA-15. In order to study the effectExpand
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ZnO Coatings with Controlled Pore Size, Crystallinity and Electrical Conductivity
Zinc oxide is a wide bandgap semiconductor with unique optical, electrical and catalytic properties. Many of its practical applications rely on the materials pore structure, crystallinity andExpand
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Defects in ZnO promote industrial methanol synthesis
Introduction Al2O3-promoted Cu/ZnO catalysts are widely applied in ind ustry for the synthesis of methanol from syngas. Cu is generally thought to be the active phase, but the of ZnO has beenExpand
Towards Experimental Handbooks in Catalysis
The “Seven Pillars” of oxidation catalysis proposed by Robert K. Grasselli represent an early example of phenomenological descriptors in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. Expand
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Solid-state kinetic investigations of non-isothermal reduction of VO2
The solid-state kinetics of the reduction of VO2 to corundum-type V2O3 were investigated by temperature-programmed measurements. Experimental parameters were chosen to be similar to those used inExpand
Surface Conditions That Constrain Alkane Oxidation on Perovskites
The crystal structure of perovskites can incorporate a wide variety of cations, which makes this class of materials so interesting for studies of links between solid-state chemistry and catalysis.Expand
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