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Effects of chitin synthesis inhibitors on incorporation of nucleosides into DNA and RNA in a cell line from Manduca sexta (L).
Five putative chitin synthesis inhibitors (CSI) were tested to determine if they inhibited nucleoside incorporation into acid precipitable material in a cell line from Manduca sexta, and crystalline structures accumulated in the cytoplasm of cells treated with DFB. Expand
In vitro and in vivo investigations for the development of cytostatic methylhydrazones
The results suggest that from the combination of in vitro/in vivo assays mechanistic conclusions can be derived that are valuable for further development of these cystostatics. Expand
Membrane binding and uptake of diflubenzuron in a cell line from Manduca sexta (L.)
Results indicate that the intracellular crystals detected by transmission electron microscopy are precipitated DFB, which exceeded the binding capacity of the cell membranes and the aqueous solubility of DFB. Expand