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Computer Games and the Social Imaginary
Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter one: Computer games in social theory 1. Gaming and the social imaginary 2. The gamer as a streamlined self 3. Social theory and critique Chapter two:Expand
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Controller, Hand, Screen
This paper tries to clarify the place of the handheld controller in computer game aesthetics. It starts from the premise that aesthetic form, perhaps the central category of modernist criticalExpand
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Technology and social power
This sales letter may not influence you to be smarter, but the book that we offer will evoke you to be smarter. Yeah, at least you'll know more than others who don't. This is what called as theExpand
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Critical Technology: A Social Theory of Personal Computing
What does critical theory criticise about technology? The hacker ethic and the spirit of informationalism Aesthetics and politics in interface design The cynicism of the computer game player HackingExpand
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Online ‘chat’ facilities as pedagogic tools
This article assesses the pedagogic value of the ‘chat’ facility in the Blackboard integrated learning platform. Expand
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Players Unleashed!: Modding The Sims and the Culture of Gaming
Periods of economic insecurity affect different age groups in different ways. Whether you call them generations or cohorts, life experiences framed by the unique intersection of age and history haveExpand
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The Philosophy of Simondon: Between technology and individuation
Part One: Philosophy of Technology: Objects The Encyclopaedic Character of Technique Marx and Simondon on Alienation Cybernetics Part Two: Individuation: an Essay Part Three: Bridges: Simondon andExpand
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Philosophical foundations of Analytical Marxism
Marx’s theory of history contains at its core a dialectic between inherited material circumstance and its incessant social transformation by contemporary human agency. In the now classic statement ofExpand
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Between Art and Gameness: Critical Theory and Computer Game Aesthetics
This article argues that the computer game can be a locus of aesthetic form in contemporary culture. The context for understanding this claim is the decline of the artwork as bearer of form in theExpand
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