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Mirau correlation microscope.
We have constructed a correlation microscope based on the Mirau interferometer configuration using a thin silicon nitride film beam splitter. This microscope provides the amplitude and phaseExpand
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Improving the mismatch between light and nanoscale objects with gold bowtie nanoantennas.
Metallic bowtie nanoantennas should provide optical fields that are confined to spatial scales far below the diffraction limit. To improve the mismatch between optical wavelengths and nanoscaleExpand
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Solid immersion microscope
A new type of real‐time optical microscope has been developed that operates on the same principle as a liquid immersion microscope, with the liquid replaced by a solid lens of high refractive indexExpand
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Tunable mechanically induced long-period fiber gratings.
We report the experimental characterization of mechanically induced long-period fiber gratings (LPFG's) made by pressing a plate with periodic grooves against a short length of fiber. This filter,Expand
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Micromachined scanning confocal optical microscope.
We have constructed a miniature confocal optical microscope for monochromatic imaging that uses single-mode fiber illumination and a two-phase off-axis zone plate objective lens. The scanningExpand
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High-numerical-aperture lens system for optical storage
We describe a new type of optical pickup for use in high-density optical storage systems. By changing a conventional pickup design to include a glass element between the objective and the disk, theExpand
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Exploring the chemical enhancement for surface-enhanced Raman scattering with Au bowtie nanoantennas.
Single metallic bowtie nanoantennas provide a controllable environment for surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) of adsorbed molecules. Bowties have experimentally measured electromagneticExpand
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Near‐field optical data storage using a solid immersion lens
A near‐field optical technique, using a new type of solid immersion lens (SIL), has been developed and applied to the writing and reading of domains in magneto‐optic material. The SIL is a truncatedExpand
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Phase sensitivity to temperature of the fundamental mode in air-guiding photonic-bandgap fibers.
Because in an air-core photonic-bandgap fiber the fundamental mode travels mostly in air, as opposed to silica in a conventional fiber, the phase of this mode is expected to have a much lowerExpand
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Toward nanometer-scale optical photolithography: utilizing the near-field of bowtie optical nanoantennas.
Optically resonant metallic bowtie nanoantennas are utilized as fabrication tools for the first time, resulting in the production of polymer resist nanostructures <30 nm in diameter at record lowExpand
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