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Gap junctions and ovarian folliculogenesis.
Gap junctions are collections of intercellular membrane channels that allow adjacent cells to share small molecules (< 1 kDa). Gap junction channels are composed of connexins, a homologous family ofExpand
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Defects in the germ line and gonads of mice lacking connexin43.
The connexins are a family of at least 15 proteins that form the intercellular membrane channels of gap junctions. Numerous connexins, including connexin43 (Cx43), have been implicated inExpand
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Intercellular calcium signaling via gap junctions in glioma cells
Calcium signaling in C6 glioma cells in culture was examined with digital fluorescence video microscopy. C6 cells express low levels of the gap junction protein connexin43 and have correspondinglyExpand
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Transfection of C6 glioma cells with connexin 43 cDNA: analysis of expression, intercellular coupling, and cell proliferation.
C6 glioma cells express low levels of the gap junction protein connexin 43 and its mRNA and display very weak dye coupling. When implanted into the rat cerebrum, these cells quickly give rise to aExpand
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Intercellular communication via connexin43 gap junctions is required for ovarian folliculogenesis in the mouse.
The ovarian follicle in mammals is a functional syncytium, with the oocyte being coupled with the surrounding cumulus granulosa cells, and the cumulus cells being coupled with each other and with theExpand
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Differential contributions of connexin37 and connexin43 to oogenesis revealed in chimeric reaggregated mouse ovaries
The gap junction proteins connexin37 and connexin43 are required for ovarian folliculogenesis in the mouse. To define their respective roles in oogenesis, chimeric ovaries containing either nullExpand
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Embryonic Expression of the Putative γ Subunit of the Sodium Pump Is Required for Acquisition of Fluid Transport Capacity during Mouse Blastocyst Development
The sodium/potassium pump, Na+,K+-ATPase, is generally understood to function as a heterodimer of two subunits, a catalytic α subunit and a noncatalytic, glycosylated β subunit. Recently, a putativeExpand
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In vivo analysis of undocked connexin43 gap junction hemichannels in ovarian granulosa cells
Connexin43 (Cx43, encoded by Gja1) is required for ovarian follicle development in the mouse. It is strongly expressed in granulosa cells, in which it forms intercellular gap junction channels thatExpand
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A Gja1 missense mutation in a mouse model of oculodentodigital dysplasia
Oculodentodigital dysplasia (ODDD) is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by pleiotropic developmental anomalies of the limbs, teeth, face and eyes that was shown recently to be caused byExpand
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Failure of Spermatogenesis in Mice Lacking Connexin431
Abstract Connexin43 (Cx43), a gap junction protein encoded by the Gja1 gene, is expressed in several cell types of the testis. Cx43 gap junctions couple Sertoli cells with each other, Leydig cellsExpand
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