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Aspect-Oriented Programming
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An Overview of AspectJ
Aspect] is a simple and practical aspect-oriented extension to Java With just a few new constructs, AspectJ provides support for modular implementation of a range of crosscutting concerns. InExpand
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Aspect-oriented programming
Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a technique for improving separation of concerns in software design and implementation. AOP works by providing explicit mechanisms for capturing the structure ofExpand
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Getting started with ASPECTJ
Many software developers are attracted to the idea of AOP, but unsure about how to begin using the technology. They recognize the concept of crosscutting concerns, and know that they have hadExpand
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The art of the Metaobject Protocol
From the Publisher: This book presents a new approach to programming language design, which resolves fundamental tensions between elegance and efficiency. Metaobject protocols are interfaces to theExpand
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Design pattern implementation in Java and aspectJ
AspectJ implementations of the GoF design patterns show modularity improvements in 17 of 23 cases. These improvements are manifested in terms of better code locality, reusability, composability, andExpand
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Aspect-Oriented Programming
Aspect-oriented programming is a promising idea that can improve the quality of software by reduce the problem of code tangling and improving the separation of concerns. At ECOOP’97, the first AOPExpand
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In: Common Lisp the Language
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A Compilation and Optimization Model for Aspect-Oriented Programs
This paper presents a semantics-based compilation model for an aspect-oriented programming language based on its operational semantics. Using partial evaluation, the model can explain several issuesExpand
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