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The Sources of Soviet Conduct
The political personality of Soviet power as we know it today is the product of ideology and circumstances: ideology inherited by the present Soviet leaders from the movement in which they had theirExpand
The other Balkan wars : a 1913 Carnegie Endowment inquiry in retrospect
"The Other Balkan Wars" portrays both the human and political dimensions of the animosities that currently beset the region in the aftermath of the breakup of Yugoslavia. It also features, with aExpand
The Decline of Bismarck's European Order: Franco-Russian Relations 1875-1890
In an attempt to discover some of the underlying origins of World War I, the eminent diplomat and writer George Kennan focuses on a small sector of offstage events to show how they affected the dramaExpand
Around the Cragged Hill: A Personal and Political Philosophy
"I have attempted to take the high ground," writes George F. Kennan in the foreword to this illuminating work, "trying to stick to the broader dimensions of things-the ones that would still beExpand
Morality and Foreign Policy
Nuclear Weapons and the Atlantic Alliance
Te are four Americans who have been concerned over many years with the relation between nuclear weapons and the peace and freedom of the members of the Atlantic Alliance. Having learned that each ofExpand
To Prevent a World Wasteland