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Composition, temporal dynamics and regional characteristics of small-scale fisheries in Greece
Abstract The characteristics of Greek small-scale fisheries were examined using data from the Common Fisheries Register and from 551 fishermen interviews in 121 ports of 18 prefectures. The sectorExpand
Length–Weight Relations of 34 Fish Species Caught by Small-Scale Fishery in Korinthiakos Gulf (Central Greece)
Annual and seasonal estimates of L–W relations for the most abundant fish species caught by a professional small-scale vessel in Korinthiakos Gulf during a full annual fishing period are calculated. Expand
Possible influence of reared gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata, L.) on wild stocks in the area of the Messolonghi lagoon (Ionian Sea, Greece)
The rapid expansion of aquaculture is accompanied by an increasedawareness concerning the impact of¢sh rearing on the environment, which masks the potential environmental conse-quences on the coastal zone. Expand
Comparative morphology of wild, farmed and hatchery- released gilthead sea bream ( Sparus aurata ) in western Greece
The characters of primary importance in distinguishing the three groups were those related to head, fin and lengthwise dimensions, which can be useful for scientific but also for commercial reasons, since the market value of the fish is highly dependant on its origin. Expand
Temporal patterns of glass eel migration (Anguilla anguilla L. 1758) in relation to environmental factors in the Western Greek inland waters
Abstract Glass eel migration of the European eel Anguilla anguilla (L., 1758) in the eastern Mediterranean is poorly known despite the increasing state of anxiety for the future of the stock. In theExpand
Feeding habits of sand smelt (Atherina boyeri, Risso 1810) in Trichonis Lake (Western Greece)
Seasonal changes in diet composition and prey abundance in sand smelt stomachs were recorded as coinciding with the seasonal composition and abundance of the zooplankton community in the surface layers of Trichonis Lake. Expand
Proteomic profiling following immunoaffinity capture of high-density lipoprotein: association of acute-phase proteins and complement factors with proinflammatory high-density lipoprotein in
The findings indicate that proinflammatory HDL in patients with RA contains a significantly altered proteome, including increased amounts of acute-phase proteins and proteins involved in the complement cascade, with resultant loss of its antiinflammatory function. Expand
Elevated retina-specific expression of the small heat shock protein, alphaA-crystallin, is associated with photoreceptor protection in experimental uveitis.
AlphaA-Crystallin is highly upregulated in the retina during early EAU, and the photoreceptors preferentially use alphaA-crystallin to suppress mitochondrial oxidative stress-mediated apoptosis. Expand
The Atlantic blue crab Callinectes sapidus in southern European coastal waters: Distribution, impact and prospective invasion management strategies.
It is emphasised that the ongoing expansion of C. sapidus in the region may represent a stimulating challenge for the identification and implementation of future strategies in the management of invasive crustaceans. Expand
On the Atlantic blue crab (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun 1896) in southern European coastal waters: Time to turn a threat into a resource?
An integrated management strategy is proposed for the blue crab in SEW, including the Mediterranean and Black Sea and the eastern Atlantic coasts of the Iberian Peninsula, and an appraisal of the current trends in global and European crustacean fisheries is concluded. Expand