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Microbial synthesis of silver nanoparticles by Bacillus sp.
A silver resistant Bacillus sp. was isolated through exposure of an aqueous AgNO3 solution to the atmosphere. Silver nanoparticles were synthesized using these airborne bacteria (Bacillus sp.).Expand
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Quantifying Economic Losses due to Milk Fever in Dairy Farms
Milk fever, a metabolic disease, affects dairy animals usually within one or two days after calving, resulting in a huge reduction in milk production and thus becomes economically most important.Expand
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Effect of mulches on soil hydrothermal regimes and growth of plum in mid hill region of Himachal Pradesh
Field study with different mulches, viz. transparent polythene (TP), black polythene (BP), bicoloured polythene (BIP), field grass (GM), pine needles (PN) and unmulched control (UM) was conducted toExpand
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Diversity of Fungal Endophytes in Few Medicinal Herbs of South India
Endophytic fungi cause symptomless infections in healthy tissues of plants. This cryptic guild of fungi is regarded as benchmark for estimating fungal biodiversity. We studied endophyte distributionExpand
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In vitro TAXOL production, by Pestalotiopsis breviseta--a first report.
Coelomycetous fungi were screened for the production of TAXOL. TAXOL production of Pestalotiopsis breviseta fungi is confirmed by Ultra Violet (UV) spectroscopic analysis, Infra Red (IR) analysis,Expand
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Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Endophytic Fungi Pestaloptiopsis pauciseta Isolated From the Leaves of Psidium guajava Linn.
Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science which involves synthesis and development of various nanomaterials. Nanotechnology involves the production manipulation and use of materials ranging inExpand
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Isolation of anticancer drug TAXOL from Pestalotiopsis breviseta with apoptosis and B-Cell lymphoma protein docking studies
Background: Extraction and investigation of TAXOL from Pestalotiopsis breviseta (Sacc.) using protein docking, which is a computational technique that samples conformations of small molecules inExpand
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Antiviral activity of ancient system of ayurvedic medicinal plant Cissus quadrangularis L. (Vitaceae)
Partially purified methanolic extract of Cissus quadrangularis (belonging to Vitaceae member, South Indian medicinal plant) have been explored for antiviral activity and their phytochemicalExpand
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