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‘We are not just voters, we are citizens’
Rethinking publics in Africa in a digital age
ABSTRACT The digital transformations taking place across the African continent present an urgent need for fresh thinking in the study of publics. This introduction lays out the impetus and
‘Tapanduka Zvamuchese’: Facebook, ‘unruly publics’, and Zimbabwean politics
ABSTRACT This paper examines the role that a Facebook account operating under the name Baba Jukwa played in the run up to the Zimbabwean 2013 election. It argues that Baba Jukwa was able to convoke
ABSTRACT Given the important role played by lawyers in formal legal systems, the study of legal professionals can help us understand the efforts to maintain law and social order in Africa. This
Zimbabwe Digital Rights Landscape Report
This report introduces findings from Zimbabwe. They analyse how the openings and closings of online civic space affect citizens’ digital rights. They show that: (1) when civic space closes offline
‘It Shall be the Duty of Every African to Obey and Comply Promptly’: Negotiating State Authority in the Legal Arena, Rhodesia 1965–1980
The legal arena was an important site of struggle in colonial Africa. On the one hand it was used by the state to broadcast and assert its power. On the other, Africans employed it in their efforts
Law and Social Order in Africa Introduction
From the colonial period onwards, there has been a marked expansion in the range of formal and informal institutions enforcing regimes of law and social order across Africa. At the same time,