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Cervical mobilisation: concurrent effects on pain, sympathetic nervous system activity and motor activity.
Recent findings that spinal manual therapy (SMT) produces concurrent hypoalgesic and sympathoexcitatory effects have led to the proposal that SMT may exert its initial effects by activatingExpand
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Physical and psychological factors predict outcome following whiplash injury
&NA; Predictors of outcome following whiplash injury are limited to socio‐demographic and symptomatic factors, which are not readily amenable to secondary and tertiary intervention. This prospectiveExpand
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Widespread Sensory Hypersensitivity Is a Feature of Chronic Whiplash-Associated Disorder but not Chronic Idiopathic Neck Pain
Objectives: To investigate sensory changes present in patients with chronic whiplash-associated disorders and chronic idiopathic neck pain using a variety of quantitative sensory tests to betterExpand
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Sensory hypersensitivity occurs soon after whiplash injury and is associated with poor recovery
Hypersensitivity to a variety of sensory stimuli is a feature of persistent whiplash associated disorders (WAD). However, little is known about sensory disturbances from the time of injury untilExpand
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Development of motor system dysfunction following whiplash injury
&NA; Dysfunction in the motor system is a feature of persistent whiplash associated disorders. Little is known about motor dysfunction in the early stages following injury and of its progress inExpand
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Patients With Chronic Neck Pain Demonstrate Altered Patterns of Muscle Activation During Performance of a Functional Upper Limb Task
Study Design. Cross-sectional study. Objective. This study compared neck muscle activation patterns during and after a repetitive upper limb task between patients with idiopathic neck pain,Expand
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Feedforward activity of the cervical flexor muscles during voluntary arm movements is delayed in chronic neck pain
The objective of this study was to compare onset of deep and superficial cervical flexor muscle activity during rapid, unilateral arm movements between ten patients with chronic neck pain and 12Expand
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Effect of Neck Exercise on Sitting Posture in Patients With Chronic Neck Pain
Background and Purpose Poor sitting posture has been implicated in the development and perpetuation of neck pain symptoms. This study had 2 purposes: (1) to compare change in cervical and thoracicExpand
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Physical and psychological factors maintain long-term predictive capacity post-whiplash injury
Abstract Higher initial levels of pain and disability, older age, cold hyperalgesia, impaired sympathetic vasoconstriction and moderate post‐traumatic stress symptoms have been shown to be associatedExpand
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Reliability of detecting 'onset of pain' and 'submaximal pain' during neural provocation testing of the upper quadrant.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Conflicting results have been reported with regard to the reliability of neural tissue provocation tests and it is unclear whether repeated testing affects the test results. InExpand
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