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Nuclear matter at a HIRFL-CSR energy regime
We report some recent progress in constraining the symmetry energy Esym(ρ) at high densities using high-energy heavy-ion collisions. Circumstantial evidence of a soft Esym(ρ) at supra-saturationExpand
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Measurements of total reaction cross sections for some light nuclei at intermediate energies
Measurements of the total reaction cross section for C12-16, N14-17, and O16-18 on carbon target at intermediate energies were performed on the Radioactive Ion Beam Line of the Heavy ion ResearchExpand
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Evidence of slow relaxation of isospin degree of freedom
Abstract Isotope ratios, as a function of kinetic energy in units of MeV/u of outgoing particles, are analyzed at 20° in the reaction of 40 Ar+ 112,124 Sn and 5° in 36 Ar+ 112,124 Sn at incidentExpand
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Long-time drift of the isospin degree of freedom in heavy ion collisions
The drift of the isospin degree of freedom (IDOF) is experimentally visualized through the wide-range angular distribution and the beam energy dependence of the isospin composition of light chargedExpand
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Fusion dynamics of symmetric systems near barrier energies (4 pages)
A comparison of the neck dynamics of symmetric reaction systems with the improved isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics (ImIQMD) model. Expand
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New β-delayed proton decays in the rare-earth region near the proton drip line
The β-delayed proton precursors125Nd128Pm129Sm,137Gd and139Dy near the proton drip line were produced by the irradiation of92Mo,96Ru and106Cd with an36Ar beam, and conclusively identified for theExpand
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Isospin dependence of radial flow in heavy-ion collisions at intermediate energies
Within the framework of an isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics model, the radial flows from the central collisions of Ba-124 + Ba-124 and Sn-124 + Sn-124 are studied at different incidentExpand
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Isospin effect of fragmentation reactions induced by intermediate energy heavy ions and its disappearance
The fragments produced in the reaction of O-18 + Be-9 at 60 MevV/nucleon were measured experimentally. The isotopic distribution of the fragmentation reaction products was well reproduced by using aExpand
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Production of heavy and superheavy nuclei in massive fusion reactions
Within the framework of a dinuclear system (DNS) model, the evaporation-residue excitation functions and the quasi-fission mass yields in the 48Ca induced fusion reactions are investigatedExpand
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Production of heavy isotopes in transfer reactions by collisions of {sup 238}U+{sup 238}U
The dynamics of transfer reactions in collisions of two very heavy nuclei {sup 238}U+{sup 238}U is studied within the dinuclear system (DNS) model. Collisions of two actinide nuclei form a superheavyExpand
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