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Effect of adrenaline on survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial.
Patients receiving adrenaline during cardiac arrest had no statistically significant improvement in the primary outcome of survival to hospital discharge although there was a significantly improved likelihood of achieving ROSC. Expand
The association between hospital overcrowding and mortality among patients admitted via Western Australian emergency departments
The relationship between hospital and emergency department occupancy, as indicators of hospital overcrowding, and mortality after emergency admission, is examined to examine the relationship between hospitals overcrowding and ED occupancy. Expand
Emergency department triage revisited
A critical review of the literature pertaining to emergency department triage is provided to inform the direction for future research and to develop and test an International Triage Scale (ITS) which is supported by an international collaborative approach towards a triage research agenda. Expand
Community attitudes towards performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Western Australia.
A significant reluctance of the Western Australia public to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, except to a friend or relative is indicated, and earlier CPR training, practice and use seemed to diminish this reluctance. Expand
Caught in the middle: Tensions around the emergency department care of people with advanced cancer
People with advanced cancer frequently present to hospital EDs. International studies report conflicting attitudes towards providing such care and difficulties with communication. The experience ofExpand
Impact of streaming "fast track" emergency department patients.
Streaming fast track patients in the emergency department of an Australian tertiary adult teaching hospital can reduce waiting times and length of stay for discharged patients without increasing waiting times for admitted patients, even in an ED with few low acuity patients. Expand
Organophosphate poisoning in Perth, Western Australia, 1987-1996.
It is concluded that deliberate ingestion of organophosphates is considerably more toxic than accidental exposure and men aged 30-50 years were the most likely to attempt suicide with these agents and had prolonged ICU admissions with significant complications and mortality. Expand
Care of the dying cancer patient in the emergency department: findings from a National survey of Australian emergency department clinicians
Patients with cancer are presenting to emergency departments (ED) for end‐of‐life care with increasing frequency. Little is known about this experience for patients and ED clinicians in Australia.
Frequent attenders at emergency departments: a linked‐data population study of adult patients
To examine the characteristics of adult patient attendances to emergency departments in Perth hospitals by patients’ frequency of attendance, data is collected on visits to EDs in March, May and June of each year. Expand