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Cohabitation, Marriage and the Law: Social Change and Legal Reform in the 21st Century
Unmarried heterosexual cohabitation is rapidly increasing in Britain and over a quarter of children are now born to unmarried cohabiting parents. This is not just an important change in the way weExpand
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Forgotten children: work–family reconciliation in the EU
  • G. James
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 2012
At the core of this article is a discussion of how, why and with what implications, considerations of children's needs are missing from the EU's work–family reconciliation framework. Part IExpand
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Regulating Marriage and Cohabitation in 21st Century Britain
This article assesses the legal regulation of marriage and cohabitation in Britain and outlines a growing need and desire for the currently confused law to be amended despite what has been termedExpand
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Why Don’t They Marry? Cohabitation, Commitment and DIY Marriage
This article asks why cohabitants do not marry, when it would seem to be advantageous for them to do so. First, we examine the influence of the ‘common law marriage myth’, the mistaken but widespreadExpand
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Workers with elderly dependants: employment law's response to the latest care‐giving conundrum
This paper considers how employment laws are being used in response to what we have termed ‘the eldercare–workplace conundrum’. It is well known that people are now living longer but health is stillExpand
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Families, Care-giving and Paid Work: Challenging Labour Law in the 21st Century
Contents: Introduction Nicole Busby and Grace James PART I: WORK/FAMILY CHALLENGES 1. Reconciling Employment and Family Care-giving: A Gender Analysis of Current Challenges and Future Directions forExpand
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