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Cuscuta epithymum (L.) L. (Convolvulaceae), its hosts and associated vegetation in a limestone pavement habitat in the Burren Lowlands in County Clare (H9), western Ireland.
Despite the catholicity of host selection, the ranrty of Cuscuta in Ireland suggests that establishment is a critical determinant of the species' distribution, and depends on the initial infection of a primary host in an appropriate habitat with suitable environmental conditions.
The history of Erica erigena R. Ross, an Irish plant with a disjunct European distribution
Radiocarbon dating of the profiles shows that Erica erigena is a relatively recent arrival at Claggan Mountain, appearing for the first time in the historic period at 1431 AD, and suggests that introduction might explain its presence here, and its disjunct distribution in Europe.
Tree ring-series - A valuable source of ecological and environmental information.
Uniform tree ring patterns are observed in particular sites or regions where tree growth is limited by a single factor or factors. The most obvious and readily measureable feature of such ring
Tree productivity models based on annual ring widths for contemporary and subfossil scots pine in Ireland.
Ring width series from Pinus sylvestris L. are used to compute empirical growth functions for a number of sites, including two subfossil pinewood sites. These empirical functions are corrected for