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GRB 090423 at a redshift of z ≈ 8.1
Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are produced by rare types of massive stellar explosion. Their rapidly fading afterglows are often bright enough at optical wavelengths that they are detectable atExpand
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A Low-Magnetic-Field Soft Gamma Repeater
Odd Magnetar Magnetars are neutron stars that are widely thought to be powered by extremely high magnetic fields. Using data from three different x-ray observatories, Rea et al. (p. 944, publishedExpand
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Discovery of a 0.42-s pulsar in the ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 7793 P13
NGC 7793 P13 is a variable (luminosity range ∼100) ultraluminous X-ray source proposed to host a stellar-mass black hole of less than 15 M⊙ in a binary system with orbital period of 64 d and a 18-23Expand
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Spectroscopic identification of r-process nucleosynthesis in a double neutron-star merger
The merger of two neutron stars is predicted to give rise to three major detectable phenomena: a short burst of γ-rays, a gravitational-wave signal, and a transient optical–near-infrared sourceExpand
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Unveiling the nature of INTEGRAL objects through optical spectroscopy. V. Identification and propert
Optical spectroscopic identification of the nature of 21 unidentified southern hard X-ray objects is reported here in the framework of our campaign aimed at determining the nature of newly-discoveredExpand
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An accreting pulsar with extreme properties drives an ultraluminous x-ray source in NGC 5907
Spinning up an extragalactic neutron star Ultraluminous x-ray sources (ULXs) are strange objects in other galaxies that cannot be explained by conventional accretion onto stellar-mass objects. ThisExpand
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An Ultramassive, Fast-Spinning White Dwarf in a Peculiar Binary System
Massive White Dwarf White dwarfs are the remnants of stars like the Sun, which blow their outer layers away and compress into dense cores as they end their nuclear-burning lives. Mereghetti et al.Expand
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The Quiescent X-Ray Emission of Three Transient X-Ray Pulsars
We report on BeppoSAX and Chandra observations of three hard X-ray transients in quiescence containing fast-spinning (P < 5 s) neutron stars: A0538-66, 4U 0115+63, and V0332+53. These observationsExpand
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The Discovery of Rapid X-Ray Oscillations in the Tail of the SGR 1806-20 Hyperflare
We have discovered rapid quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) in RXTE/PCA measurements of the pulsating tail of the 2004 December 27 giant flare of SGR 1806-20. QPOs at ~92.5 Hz are detected in a 50 sExpand
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The Afterglows of Swift-era Gamma-ray Bursts. I. Comparing pre-Swift and Swift-era Long/Soft (Type II) GRB Optical Afterglows
We have gathered optical photometry data from the literature on a large sample of Swift-era gamma-ray burst (GRB) afterglows including GRBs up to 2009 September, for a total of 76 GRBs, and present an additional three pre-Swift GRBs not included in an earlier sample. Expand
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