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Exports and Manufacturing Productivity in East Asia: A Comparative Analysis with Firm-Level Data
This paper uses new firm level data from five East Asian countries to explore the patterns of manufacturing productivity across the region. One of the striking patterns that emerges is how the extentExpand
An Assessment of the Investment Climate in Kenya
Nigeria's vision of 2020 is a bold desire to be among the top twenty economies by the year 2020. The economy has posted impressive growth figures since 2003 driven by higher oil prices and a seriesExpand
Competitiveness of Indian manufacturing : Results from a firm-level survey
The authors analyze survey data of firms located in 10 states in India to conclusively prove that investment climate matters: Firms located in states that do not foster a good investment climateExpand
The power of survey design
A practical how-to guide on all the steps involved with survey implementation, this volume covers survey management, questionnaire design, sampling, respondent's psychology and survey participation, and data management. Expand
Benchmarking Africa's Costs and Competitiveness
An electro-pneumatic brake control valve for performing electronic emulation is provided wherein multiple electronic valves control braking operations on freight cars. Multiple pressure sensors areExpand
The Africa competitiveness report 2009
The Africa competitiveness report (ACR) highlights the areas where urgent policy action and investment are needed to ensure that Africa can best ride out this crisis and continue to grow for theExpand
Making sense of financial capability surveys around the World : a review of existing financial capability and literacy measurement instruments
Financial capability has recently emerged as a strategic policy objective that complements the financial inclusion and financial consumer protection agendas. Deeper and more inclusive financialExpand
Nigeria 2011 : an assessment of the investment climate in 26 states
This investment climate analysis reviews the experiences of over 3000 surveyed business owners in 26 states of Nigeria about the aspects of the business climate that affect their businesses. ItExpand
Measuring Competitiveness at the Subnational Level: The Case of 37 Nigerian States
The purpose of this paper is to present a new approach to estimate competitiveness at the subnational level and identify the most important policy reforms likely to foster competitiveness in aExpand
The Investment Climate in 16 Indian States
In this paper, the author attempts to identify the characteristics of the business climate in India that can help explain the different performance of individual states in terms of investment andExpand