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Increases in jellyfish biomass in the Bering Sea: implications for the ecosystem
There has been a dramatic increase in jellyfish biomass over the eastern Bering Sea shelf since the early 1990s, which was previously hypothesized to have been triggered by changing climate and oceanExpand
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Resource allocation in breeding seabirds: responses to fluctuations in their food supply
In the vicinity of the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea, abundance of food available to surface-foraging seabirds was greater during the chick-rearing period in 1988 than in 1987, whereas abundanceExpand
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Patterns in prey use among fur seals and seabirds in the Pribilof Islands
Abstract We explored correlation in diet trends for five piscivorous predators that reproduce on the Pribilof Islands as illustrative of the shifting structure of the Bering Sea ecosystem. WeExpand
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Trends in carbon flux to seabirds in the Peruvian upwelling system: effects of wind and fisheries on population regulation
We hypothesized that change in the annual population size of guano-producing seabirds (cormorant, Phalacrocorax bougainvillii; booby, Sula variegata; pelican, Pelecanus thagus) is a response toExpand
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Rise and fall of jellyfish in the eastern Bering Sea in relation to climate regime shifts
A steep increase in jellyfish biomass, primarily Chrysaora melanaster, over the eastern Bering Sea shelf was documented throughout the 1990s. Their biomass peaked in summer 2000 and then declinedExpand
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Marine environment of the eastern and central Aleutian Islands
To examine the marine habitat of the endangered western stock of the Steller's sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus), two interdisciplinary research cruises (June 2001 and May to June 2002) measured waterExpand
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Predation by Marine Birds and Mammals in the Subarctic North Pacific Ocean
Study on the interactions between marine mammals or marine birds and fisheries in the PICES region of interest. (PDF contains 168 pages)
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Brood Reduction in Black-Legged Kittiwakes
ln 1978 and 1979 we studied brood reduction in Black-legged Kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla) on St. Paul Island, Alaska. In two-egg clutches, first-Laid eggs were larg.est; they were incubated beforeExpand
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Foraging ecology of short-tailed shearwaters near the Pribilof Islands, Bering Sea
We studied short-tailed shearwaters Puffinus tenuirostris foraging near the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, USA, during the summers of 1987, 1988, and 1989. Their foods were almost exclusively theExpand
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Oceanography and ecology of the Aleutian Archipelago: spatial and temporal variation
This compilation of new information and summaries of earlier work emphasizes variability within marine waters of the Aleutian Archipelago. From the Alaska Peninsula to Near Strait, net flow throughExpand
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