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Visual search and stimulus similarity.
A new theory of search and visual attention is presented. Results support neither a distinction between serial and parallel search nor between search for features and conjunctions. For all searchExpand
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Visual marking: prioritizing selection for new objects by top-down attentional inhibition of old objects.
The authors propose a new mechanism for prioritizing the selection of new events: visual marking. In a modified conjunction search task the authors presented one set of distractors before theExpand
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Early, involuntary top-down guidance of attention from working memory.
Four experiments explored the interrelations between working memory, attention, and eye movements. Observers had to identify a tilted line amongst vertical distractors. Each line was surrounded by aExpand
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Perceptual effects of social salience: evidence from self-prioritization effects on perceptual matching.
We present novel evidence showing that new self-relevant visual associations can affect performance in simple shape recognition tasks. Participants associated labels for themselves, other people, orExpand
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Cascade processes in picture identification
Abstract The naming of pictures is typically thought to require sequential access to stored structural knowledge about objects, to semantic knowledge, and to a stored phonological description. AccessExpand
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The Effects of Surface Detail on Object Categorization and Naming
  • C. Price, G. Humphreys
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology…
  • 1 November 1989
Three experiments are reported examining the effects of surface colour and brightness/texture gradients (photographic detail) on object classification and naming. Objects were drawn from classes withExpand
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BORB : Birmingham Object Recognition Battery
Tests Included: Drawing from Memory. Copying. Length Match Task. Size Match Task. Orientation Match Task. Position of Gap Match Task. Overlapping Figures. Minimal Feature View Test. ForeshortenedExpand
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Neural representation of objects in space: a dual coding account.
  • G. Humphreys
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 29 August 1998
I present evidence on the nature of object coding in the brain and discuss the implications of this coding for models of visual selective attention. Neuropsychological studies of task-basedExpand
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Hierarchies, similarity, and interactivity in object recognition: "category-specific" neuropsychological deficits.
Category-specific impairments of object recognition and naming are among the most intriguing disorders in neuropsychology, affecting the retrieval of knowledge about either living or nonlivingExpand
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A case of integrative visual agnosia.
A single case study of a patient with visual agnosia is presented. The patient had a marked impairment in visual object recognition along with good tactile object identification and a preservedExpand
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