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The Politics of Crime and Community
Crimes, Communities and Criminology Mapping the Preventative Turn Multi-Agency Partnerships and the Governance of Security Expertise and Agency in Community Safety and Crime Control The Management ofExpand
Sociological criminology and youth justice: Comparative policy analysis and academic intervention
This article is presented in two interconnected parts. It addresses issues that have arguably received insufficient attention in most sociologically oriented criminological research and commentary onExpand
Public safety regimes: Negotiated orders and political analysis in criminology
Implicit in the concept of negotiated orders is an understanding of the social productivity of political power; the power to accomplish governing programmes for citizens as much as the power overExpand
Understanding Crime Prevention: Social Control, Risk, and Late Modernity
Mapping the terrain of crime prevention classicism and the deterrent presences of the modern state positivism and the cure of "criminal man" situational crime prevention - the pragmatics of crimeExpand
The Permanent Revolution:
The soundbite `tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime' was crucial to both the ideological rebirth of the Labour Party as `New Labour' and its landslide victory in the 1997 General Election.Expand
Communitarianism and law and order
This paper engages critically with the major variants of contemporary communitarian thought on crime and disorder. It begins with an assess ment of the moral authoritarian communitarianism of EtzioniExpand
Crime control and community: The new politics of public safety
Introduction: community-based crime control in retrospect and prospects by Adam Edwards and Gordon Hughes 1. Plotting the rise of community safety: critical reflections on research, theory andExpand
Comparing the governance of safety in Europe
The concept of governance alerts us to the exercise of political authority beyond the nation state. In criminological thought governance has been associated with the preventive turn in crime controlExpand