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The effects of emotional intelligence on job performance and life satisfaction for the research and development scientists in China
To demonstrate the utility of the emotional intelligence (EI) construct in organizational studies, this study focuses on the effect of EI on job performance among research and development scientists
On the Importance of Conducting Construct-Level Analysis for Multidimensional Constructs in Theory Development and Testing
On top of not defining explicitly the relationship between multidimensional constructs and their dimensions, many management researchers have conducted their analyses of multidimensional constructs
Differentiating cognitive and affective job insecurity: Antecedents and outcomes
Summary To test a proposed model of the job insecurity (JI) process that treats cognitive JI and affective JI as separate constructs, this study investigates organizational-level employee involvement
Asian researchers should be more critical: The example of testing mediators using time-lagged data
In the past decade, there has been call for Asian researchers to be more confident and not limit themselves to follow only the footsteps of Western studies. In this paper, we follow up the discussion
How to Manage the Fiscal Costs of Natural Disasters
This how-to note focuses on the management of the fiscal costs associated with natural disaster risks. Unlike other types of fiscal risks (for example, unexpected macroeconomic changes or
Monitoring the Climate Impact of Fiscal Policy – Lessons from Tracking the COVID-19 Response
In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, governments around the world announced unprecedented fiscal packages to address the economic impact of the crisis. The unusually large scale of the packages was