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Conservation of Wild Food Plants and Their Potential for Combatting Food Insecurity in Kenya as Exemplified by the Drylands of Kitui County
An inventory of vascular plants of Kitui county was compiled from specimens collected during field investigations, at the East African herbarium and from literature reporting on plants ofKitui county, to address conservation concerns that may threaten such plants.
Pollination ecology and pollination system of Impatiens reptans (Balsaminaceae) endemic to China.
Its dependence on a specialized habitat, a narrow environmental niche, a low percentage of seed germination, and habitat loss could be reasons for its limited distribution and endemism.
The species richness pattern of vascular plants along a tropical elevational gradient and the test of elevational Rapoport's rule depend on different life‐forms and phytogeographic affinities
It is concluded that the widely distributed herbaceous species which also have broad elevation range sizes are more applicable to ERR, while the narrowly distributed woody species with small elevationrange sizes occurring in the higher elevations could reverse ERR.
Micropropagation and in vitro flowering of Dendrobium wangliangii: A critically endangered medicinal orchid
A protocol with seed asymbiotic germination and adventitious buds multiplication, polyembryony, and in vitro flowering to conserve the orchid in vitro was developed.
Dendrobium wangliangii (Orchidaceae), a new species belonging to section Dendrobium from Yunnan, China
Dendrobium wangliangii G. W. Hu, C. L. Long & X. H. Jin, a new species from the north of the Yunnan Province in China is described and illustrated. The morphological differences between the new
The Welwitschia genome reveals a unique biology underpinning extreme longevity in deserts
A chromosome-level assembly of the Welwitschia genome together with methylome and transcriptome data to explore its astonishing biology and a refined, high-quality assembly of Gnetum montanum to enhance the understanding of gnetophyte genome evolution.
Cremastra malipoensis (Orchidaceae), a New Species from Yunnan, China
Abstract Cremastra malipoensis G. W. Hu, a new rare species of Orchidaceae, is described and illustrated, and a taxonomic key to the species of the genus is provided. It occurs in southeastern
Epimedium zhaotongense (Berberidaceae), a New Species from Yunnan Province, China
A new species of Berberidaceae from Yunnan Province, China, which is similar to E. membranaceum but differs by its simple raceme, leaflet shape, the microstructure of abaxial leaflet surface, flower size, and relative ratio of length to width of inner sepals.
Floral development in Nymphaea tetragona (Nymphaeaceae)
Within Nymphaeaceae, the floral ontogeny of Nymphaea is most similar to that of Euryale and Victoria, which differs more from Ondinea and Barclaya, and differs most from Nuphar.
An annotated checklist of the coastal forests of Kenya, East Africa
Results show that Kenyan coastal forests play an essential role in the flora of Kenya and the plant diversity of the coastal forests of East Africa, and a detailed checklist of vascular plants recorded in this region is presented.