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Empirical equations for some soil hydraulic properties
The soil moisture characteristic may be modeled as a power curve combined with a short parabolic section near saturation to represent gradual air entry. This two-part function—together with a powerExpand
A Statistical Exploration of the Relationships of Soil Moisture Characteristics to the Physical Properties of Soils
Stochastic modeling of soil water fluxes in the absence of measured hydraulic parameters requires a knowledge of the expected distribution of the hydraulic parameters in different soil types.Expand
How much complexity is warranted in a rainfall‐runoff model?
Development of mathematical models relating the precipitation incident upon a catchment to the streamflow emanating from the catchment has been a major focus of surface water hydrology for decades.Expand
Approach to the preliminary analysis of environmental systems
In the preliminary analysis of environmental problems, mathematical modelling studies can sometimes aid in hypothesis development and in the integration of preliminary data. Circumstances usuallyExpand
Response characteristics of DOC flushing in an alpine catchment
The spatial distribution of source areas and associated residence times of water in the catchment are significant factors controlling the annual cycles of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrationExpand
Aggregating Fine-Scale Ecological Knowledge to Model Coarser-Scale Attributes of Ecosystems.
Four methods of translating fine-scale knowledge so it can be applied at coarser scales are presented, including partial transformations using the expectation operator, moment expansions, partitioning, and calibration that should make it possible to apply the vast store offine-scale ecological knowledge to model coarser-scale attributes of ecosystems. Expand
Hydrological controls on dissolved organic carbon during snowmelt in the Snake River near Montezuma, Colorado
A quantitative understanding of the factors controlling the variation of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in headwater streams is of scientific concern for at least two reasons. First, quantifying theExpand
Modeling the Effects of Acid Deposition: Assessment of a Lumped Parameter Model of Soil Water and Streamwater Chemistry
Quantitative predictions of the effects of acid deposition onterrestrial and aquatic systems require physically based, process-oriented models of catchment soil water and streamwater chemistry. AExpand
On the Use of Linearized Langmuir Equations
Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 71:1796–1806 doi:10.2136/sssaj2006.0304 Received 30 Aug. 2006. *Corresponding author (carl.bolster@ars.usda.gov). © Soil Science Society of America 677 S. Segoe Rd. Madison WIExpand
Effects of Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems of the South-Eastern United States and the Gulf Coast of Mexico
The south-eastern United States and Gulf Coast of Mexico is physiographically diverse, although dominated by a broad coastal plain. Much of the region has a humid, warm temperate climate with littleExpand