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Neogene paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic change in southern temperate ecosystems - a southern perspective.
Recently, a greatly increased number of macrofossil and pollen analytical records from Australasia and southern South America has permitted, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of pastExpand
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History of vegetation and habitat change in the Austral-Asian region
Over 1000 marine and terrestrial pollen diagrams and Some hundreds of vertebrate faunal sequences have been studied in the Austral-Asian region bisected by the PEPII transect, from the Russian arcticExpand
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Late Quaternary fire regimes of Australasia
We have compiled 223 sedimentary charcoal records from Australasia in order to examine the temporal and spatial variability of fire regimes during the Late Quaternary. While some of these recordsExpand
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Pollen evidence for the transition of the Eastern Australian climate system from the post-glacial to the present-day ENSO mode
Abstract A review of Holocene climate patterns in eastern Australia is presented on the basis of a series of high-resolution pollen records across a north-to-south transect. Previously publishedExpand
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Late Quaternary climates of Australia and New Guinea
Abstract Between 60,000 and 40,000 B.P., northeastern Queensland, south New South Wales, and southeastern South Australia were drier than at present. From 40,000–30,000 B.P. a colder climate than atExpand
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Environmental change in the Late Pleistocene and later Holocene at Wanda site, Soroako, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Abstract This paper reports the pollen analysis of an 8 m core from a mire at 445 m altitude and 2°S latitude on ultramafic soils near the western shore of Lake Matano, South Sulawesi. The area isExpand
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A long vegetation history from lowland Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Abstract This paper reports the pollen analysis of a 10 m core from a mire at 780 m altitude and 2°S latitude on ultrabasic soils on a northern coastal range of New Guinea. The area is almostExpand
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Polynesian Plant Introductions in the Southwest Pacific: Initial Pollen Evidence from Norfolk Island
Thick organic swamp sediments, buried under land fill on Kingston Common, preserves evidence of the Norfolk Island flora and vegetation back to the middle Holocene and probably much earlier times inExpand
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Climate of Papua
Papua is the western half of an equatorial island that is the northern extension of the Australian continental plate, together forming a barrier that blocks the flow of surface water from the westernExpand
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