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Japan's International Relations: Politics, Economics and Security
Part 1: Japan's International Relations: What, Why and How 1. The Significance of Japan's International Relations 2. Explaining Japan's International Relations Part 2: Japan-United States Relations
Japan's Contested Constitution: Documents and Analysis
Part 1. Analysis Parchment and politics: Japan's living constitution Introduction 1. Origins 2. Contested constitutionalism: the Cold War decades 3. Normative implications of the constitution 4.
The Nuclearization of Language: Nuclear Allergy as Political Metaphor
  • G. Hook
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 1984
This article explores the role of metaphor in structuring political reality for manipulative purposes. The research is mainly limited to an analysis of nuclear allergy as political metaphor. This
"Self-responsibility" and the Nature of the Postwar Japanese State: Risk through the Looking Glass
This article examines the relationship between the postwar Japanese state and the citizen by focusing on how the state has deployed the discourse of "self-responsibility" in recalibrating the
Japan's Role in the East Asian Political Economy: From Crisis to Bloc?
  • G. Hook
  • Economics, Political Science
  • 27 May 2002
The role of Japan in the East Asian political economy has been to gradually reintegrate the region by deploying a range of economic means. Although at the time of the East Asian crisis some
Japan and the East Asian Financial Crisis: Patterns, Motivations and Instrumentalisation of Japanese Regional Economic Diplomacy
At first sight, the East Asian financial crisis represents an instance of Japan failing the test of regional leadership - as evidenced by its abandonment of initial proposals for an Asian Monetary
The East Asian Economic Caucus: a Case of Reactive Subregionalism?
The widening and deepening of regionalization processes in the context of an increasingly globalized political economy, together with the resurgence of regionalism and subregionalism as statist