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Tropical cyclones and climate change
Recent research has strengthened the understanding of the links between climate and tropical cyclones (TCs) on various timescales. Geological records of past climates have shown century-longExpand
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Solubility trapping in formation water as dominant CO2 sink in natural gas fields
Injecting CO2 into deep geological strata is proposed as a safe and economically favourable means of storing CO2 captured from industrial point sources. It is difficult, however, to assess theExpand
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Hurricanes and Global Warming— Potential Linkages and Consequences
he potential relationships between tropical cyclones and global climate change are scientifically and socially complex, with great implications for society. The exceptional nature of the 2005 NorthExpand
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What CO2 well gases tell us about the origin of noble gases in the mantle and their relationship to the atmosphere
Study of commercially produced volcanic CO2 gas associated with the Colorado Plateau, USA, has revealed substantial new information about the noble gas isotopic composition and elemental abundanceExpand
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Association Between Transient Newborn Hypoglycemia and Fourth-Grade Achievement Test Proficiency: A Population-Based Study.
IMPORTANCE Prolonged neonatal hypoglycemia is associated with poor long-term neurocognitive function. However, little is known about an association between early transient newborn hypoglycemia andExpand
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An early I-Xe age for CB chondrite chondrule formation, and a re-evaluation of the closure age of Shallowater enstatite
The iodine-xenon system has been analyzed in samples of 7 chondrules from the CB chondrites Gujba and Hammadah al Hamra (HaH) 237. One sample from Gujba defined a high temperature iodine-xenonExpand
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School-Age Test Proficiency and Special Education After Congenital Heart Disease Surgery in Infancy.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate test proficiency and the receipt of special education services in school-age children who had undergone surgery for congenital heart disease (CHD) at age <1 year. STUDY DESIGNExpand
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Gaia Data Release 1. Testing parallaxes with local Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars
Parallaxes for 331 classical Cepheids, 31 Type II Cepheids and 364 RR Lyrae stars in common between Gaia and the Hipparcos and Tycho-2 catalogues are published in Gaia Data Release 1 (DR1) as part ofExpand
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Severe weather in a changing climate
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