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Influence of DCD and DMPP on soil N dynamics after incorporation of vegetable crop residues
We have investigated the effect of two nitrification inhibitors, 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) and dicyandiamide (DCD), on the accumulation of % MathType!Translator!2!1!AMS LaTeX.tdl!TeX --Expand
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Temporal and spatial patterns of denitrification enzyme activity and nitrous oxide fluxes in three adjacent vegetated riparian buffer zones
The aim of this study was to investigate temporal and spatial patterns of denitrification enzyme activity (DEA) and nitrous oxide (N2O) fluxes in three adjacent riparian sites (mixed vegetation,Expand
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Mitigation options to reduce phosphorus losses from the agricultural sector and improve surface water quality: a review.
The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) obliges Member States to improve the quality of surface water and groundwater. The measures implemented to date have reduced the contribution of point sourcesExpand
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Simulation of net N immobilisation and mineralisation in substrate-amended soils by the NCSOIL computer model
Abstract The capability of the NCSOIL computer model to simulate the effects of residue fractions on mineralisation-immobilisation turnover was evaluated. Heterogeneous organic substrates wereExpand
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Influence of soil compaction on carbon and nitrogen mineralization of soil organic matter and crop residues
Abstract We studied the influence of soil compaction in a loamy sand soil on C and N mineralization and nitrification of soil organic matter and added crop residues. Samples of unamended soil, andExpand
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Effect of tillage intensity on N mineralization of different crop residues in a temperate climate
Abstract To evaluate the effect of tillage intensity on the N mineralization pattern of winter wheat residues, sugar beet residues, Italian ryegrass and maize residues undisturbed soil samples wereExpand
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Management, regulation and environmental impacts of nitrogen fertilization in northwestern Europe under the Nitrates Directive; a benchmark study
Implementation of the Nitrates Directive (NiD) and its environmental impacts were compared for member states in the northwest of the European Union (Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands,Expand
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Recovery of 15N labeled wheat residue and residual effects of N fertilization in a wheat–wheat cropping system under Mediterranean conditions
A field study was conducted in arid-Saharan Morocco to assess the fate of fertilizer N in a wheat (Triticum durum var. Karim)–wheat cropping sequence. Therefore, 85 kg N ha−1 labeled with 9.764 atomExpand
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Fate of fertiliser N applied to winter wheat growing on a Vertisol in a Mediterranean environment
A field study using 15N was conducted on a Vertisol in semi-arid Morocco to assess the fate and efficiency of fertiliser N split applied to winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Splitting ofExpand
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Litter decomposition of Acacia auriculiformis Cunn. Ex Benth. and Acacia mangium Willd. under coconut trees on quaternary sandy soils in Ivory Coast
Litter decomposition of Acacia auriculiformis and Acacia mangium on sandy soil under coconut trees was studied in a field trial using the litterbag technique. The study was conducted during 2001 andExpand
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