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The Australia Telescope National Facility Pulsar Catalogue
We have compiled a new and complete catalog of the main properties of the 1509 pulsars for which published information currently exists. The catalog includes all spin-powered pulsars, as well asExpand
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A statistical study of 233 pulsar proper motions
We present and analyse a catalogue of 233 pulsars with proper motion measurements. The sample contains a wide variety of pulsars including recycled objects and those associated with globular clustersExpand
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TEMPO2, a new pulsar-timing package - I. An overview
Contemporary pulsar-timing experiments have reached a sensitivity level where systematic errors introduced by existing analysis procedures are limiting the achievable science. We have developedExpand
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Long-term timing observations of 374 pulsars
We present pulsar timing solutions for 374 pulsars. Each ephemeris was obtained by analysing archival data stored at Jodrell Bank Observatory. This data archive contains over 5600 yr of pulsarExpand
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Tests of General Relativity from Timing the Double Pulsar
The double pulsar system PSR J0737-3039A/B is unique in that both neutron stars are detectable as radio pulsars. They are also known to have much higher mean orbital velocities and accelerations thanExpand
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The Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey - VI. Discovery and timing of 142 pulsars and a Galactic population analysis
We present the discovery and follow-up observations of 142 pulsars found in the Parkes 20-cm multibeam pulsar survey of the Galactic plane. These new discoveries bring the total number of pulsarsExpand
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A Population of Gamma-Ray Millisecond Pulsars Seen with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Gamma-Ray Pulsar Bonanza Most of the pulsars we know about were detected through their radio emission; a few are known to pulse gamma rays but were first detected at other wavelengths (see theExpand
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Gravitational waves from binary supermassive black holes missing in pulsar observations
Placing bounds on gravitational wave detection Gravitational waves are expected to be generated by the interaction of the massive bodies in black-hole binary systems. As gravitational waves distortExpand
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Timing analysis for 20 millisecond pulsars in the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array
We present timing models for 20 millisecond pulsars in the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array. The precision of the parameter measurements in these models has been improved over earlier results by usingExpand
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Precision Timing of PSR J0437–4715: An Accurate Pulsar Distance, a High Pulsar Mass, and a Limit on the Variation of Newton's Gravitational Constant
Analysis of 10 years of high-precision timing data on the millisecond pulsar PSR J0437–4715 has resulted in a model-independent kinematic distance based on an apparent orbital period derivative, P_b,Expand
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